$750,000 Verdict in Delphi, IN

$750,000 Verdict in Delphi, Indiana for Lady in Golf Cart Struck by Drunk Driver Awarded by Jury in Carroll County

An elderly woman was attempting to get her newspaper from her mailbox across the street in her golf cart. She did this on a daily basis because her driveway was long and the mailbox was across the street, which was a less-than-busy country road. It was near dusk.

On that fateful day, a drunk driver was approaching the golf cart and struck it from behind with great force.

The woman suffered a lacerated spleen and was airlifted by helicopter to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. She underwent a splenic repair by her interventional radiologist.

The defendants argue the golf cart lacked required lights and flags and that the driver's intoxication played no part in the crash.

We discovered in our investigation that it was the driver's second conviction for operating while intoxicated in Indiana.

Shaw Law brought in the founder of the Methodist Hospital (Indianapolis) trauma department to talk about the life-threatening issues and the necessity for the helicopter trip from Delphi, Indiana to Indianapolis.

The jury awarded the woman and her husband $257,000 in compensatory damages and $500,000 in punitive damages.

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