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Wrongful Death After a Slip and Fall

If You Lost a Loved One in a Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall, Call Our Experienced Slip and Fall Lawyers in Indiana for Help

Deaths from falls are the leading cause of deaths in the United States for the elderly. It devastates families and their loved ones. The losses can affect families for generations. And nearly every death from a slip and fall was preventable by the landowner, business, apartment, nursing home, hospital or worksite where it occurred.

Slip and falls have the serious possibility of causing serious harm such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, scarring or disfigurement, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, traumatic brain injuries, as well as many other serious types of injuries. While these injuries are serious and can be life-altering, the most serious outcome of all from a slip and fall is wrongful death. Indeed, wrongful death is often called the ultimate personal injury—as no injury could be worse, and no amount of compensation can bring back a loved one. If you lost a loved one in any type of premises liability incident, call our experienced slip and fall lawyers in Indiana for help.

Even though, most of the time, slip and falls are all preventable, meaning that while a hazard may have caused the death of another individual, the individual or entity responsible for not taking care of the hazard can still be liable for the wrongful death of an innocent person. Even if the defendant did not mean to do it or cause any harm, which is almost always the case, the death of a loved one is catastrophic. No one ever fully “recovers” from losing their loved one.

This is why, if your loved one died as the result of a slip and fall, you should contact an experienced slip and fall lawyer today to learn what compensation you may be eligible for due to your loved one’s wrongful death in Indiana.

What is Wrongful Death?

According to legal definitions, a person is considered to have suffered a wrongful death if their death was caused by misconduct or the wrongful act of another individual, business, or government entity, whether intentionally or ally. Such conduct must be the cause of the death in a wrongful manner, such as due to reckless, careless, negligent, or intentional conduct. A victim’s family can make a wrongful death claim if their family member dies as a result of a slip and fall.

Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Action?

Only individuals who have “standing,” or who are aggrieved from the wrongful death, can commence a wrongful death action. Generally, this means a surviving spouse, parents, children, or other dependents who may take under a Last Will or through intestate succession (die without a will). A court may be petitioned to appoint an executor/executrix.

    If a loved one wrongfully killed after a slip and fall in Indiana, contact us to schedule a FREE consultation with our compassionate and experienced team and learn what your rights to compensation may be under the law.

    What Types of Injuries From Slip and Falls Can Cause Wrongful Death?

    There are many different types of injuries that can occur from a slip and fall that can lead to death. Common injuries include the following:

    How Can a Slip and Fall Lead to Death?

    Slip and falls can occur when a hazard is not treated or fixed. There are many different types of hazards that can cause slip and fall s, including the following:

    • Poor lighting
    • Wet surfaces
    • Snow and ice
    • A wet floor that is not properly dried after tracked in snow, ice, or rain
    • Failure to post a caution sign or properly dry a floor after it has been mopped
    • Unlevel flooring
    • Gravel
    • Debris
    • Garbage on the floor
    • Excessive use of soap or wax on the floor
    • Slipped products, or
    • Other hazards that could cause a trip, slip, and fall.
    Types of Damages that Can be Claimed After a Wrongful Death Due to a Slip and Fall?

    Family members of victims may be able to claim damages after their family member has died as a result of a slip and fall . Typically, damages are awarded in the form of compensation. Examples of common damages awarded after wrongful death as a result of a slip and fall include the following:

    • Loss of a victim’s income
    • Funeral expenses
    • Burial expenses
    • Loss of companionship, loss of consortium
    • Pain and suffering your loved one experienced before dying
    • Medical bills prior to your loved one’s death, and
    • Other damages related to the wrongful death.
    Did Your Family Suffer a Wrongful Death After a Slip and Fall? Call Our Experienced Slip and Fall Lawyers in Indiana For Help

    Here at Shaw Law, our experienced slip and fall lawyers in Indiana can help you and your family recover compensation for burial costs, funeral expenses, and other damages related to your loved one’s wrongful death.

    If your family suffered a wrongful death after a slip and fall in Indiana, call our experienced slip and fall lawyers at (260) 777-7777 for a FREE consultation to learn what your rights may be under the law.


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      Blackjack Dealer Awarded for Slip and Fall on Ice in Trump Casino Parking Lot

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      Child Dies in Fire, Landlord Failed to Provide Adequate Smoke Detectors

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      Sheriff's Deputy who Collides With Improperly Transported Manufactured Home Convoy

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      $750,000 Verdict for Lady in Golf Cart Struck by Drunk Driver Awarded by Jury in Carroll County

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      Man Shot and Paralyzed at Gas Station by Unknown Assailant from Unruly Crowd That Gathered After Murder of Person the Night Before at Same Site

    • $750,000 Settlement in Indianapolis, IN

      $750,000 Settlement Slip and Fall Indianapolis Woman Falls on Water in Produce Section of Indianapolis Grocery Store Breaking Leg.

    • $605,000 $605,000 Verdict in Valparaiso, IN

      $605,000 Verdict - Child Awarded for Facial Scarring When Landlord Failed to Cover Exposed Hot Water Pipe in Living Room

    • $500,000 $500,000 Settlement in Bluffton, IN

      $500,000 Wrongful Death Settlement in Bluffton, Indiana for Woman Killed When She Crossed Center-Line Into Path of Oncoming Speeding Semi-Truck

    • $500,000 $500,000 Verdict in Kokomo

      $500,000 Verdict for Woman Slip and Fall in Domino's Pizza Restaurant on Water (Reduced to $375,000)


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