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Indiana Slip and Fall Lawyers

You've fallen at a store or in parking lot and you are embarrassed.

You didn't expect to fall so suddenly. You quickly look around to see if anybody saw you. You secretly hope nobody saw you fall. It's so embarrassing. Your face is starting to get red and you've dropped what you were holding in your hands.

You then begin to notice that your back is beginning to ache, your head is starting to throb, or worse - your leg or ankle doesn't feel quite right. As you try to push yourself off the ground, you struggle to get to your feet and the pain worsens.

Now you wish somebody was around to help you. That's when you see the water, ice, or the item on the ground that caused your fall. You didn't know it was there - you might not have seen it or there were no warning signs or cones to tell you that danger was lurking.

The anger sets in. Why should you be the one who must pay the medical bills that are coming? Why must your family be without your income for a lengthy amount of time while you recover? Who is going to pay the bills?

What will you do?

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes legal help after an accident. We also know that experience counts, especially when that experience adds up to millions of dollars in compensation for victims just like yourself.

At our firm, you can work with an Indiana slip and fall attorney who has over 30 years of experience primarily focused on slip and fall cases. Our firm has a wealth of knowledge and insight into how to prepare and build cases. We have the negotiation skills that have led to a strong track record of successful settlements. When that doesn’t lead to a fair result, we can take your case to the courtroom where our litigation skills have led to many court victories. We have you covered both inside and outside the courtroom. We know what is required to win cases and we use all of our skills, knowledge, and resources in pursuit of that goal.

We know how to get the job done and we do it because we care. To us, serving our clients is not just a job. It’s personal. We sincerely want to help get you back on your feet after a fall so you and your family can confidently move forward. We know how important it is to have the financial resources you need to recover. That is why we work hard to help you obtain maximum compensation for your losses and damages.


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How to Win With Shaw Law
  • #1

    Understand What You Need to Prove

    A:You must prove the landowner was "at fault" for your fall. The fact you fell on another's property by itself is not enough evidence to prove "fault" or recover any damages. It is difficult to decide whether a landowner is "at fault." Each case is different, but there are often common safety rules that should be followed by businesses. Generally, fault is decided by examining whether the property owner acted "carefully" (like a reasonable business would) to make its property reasonably safe. Not following simple industry-wide safety rules or its own internal guidelines might prove the "fault" necessary to recover damages. However, a jury might decide you were at fault or partially at fault for your own fall by not paying attention to the defect on the land; or if you did see the defect by failing to avoid the open and obvious danger. The landowner must have a chance to "fix" the defect. This is called "notice." The landowner must have a sufficient amount of time to be able to clean up or remedy the dangerous condition - like being able to snow plow its parking lot after a snowstorm but not being required to do it while it is still snowing. But, if the landowner caused the danger itself - like a leaky refrigeration unit in grocery store - then notice is not required.

  • #2

    Remember and Write Down Where the Slip and Fall Happened and What You Fell Upon

    A:A landowner owes different standards of being careful depending upon whether the person on the land was invited or was trespassing. A formal invitation is not necessary – customers of businesses are considered “invited”. Try to determine who owns the land because that will help determine the duty the business owed you. If you don’t know who owned the property, Shaw Law can help you find out. If you slipped or fell at a house of an acquaintance or a non-business like a school or hospital, the owner can still be held liable if the above criteria are met. Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and apartment complex owners or landlords are held to the same highest standard of care as retail stores of other businesses.

  • #3

    Document the Fact of What Happened by Writing it Down Immediately

    A:If you believe that the landowner where you fell was at fault or helped cause your injury, write down what happened right after the injury while it’s still fresh in your mind. This information should include any visible defects in the surface where you fell, what you fell upon, and whether you heard oral warnings or saw visible warning signs about the danger. You should make note of common defects that cause falls such as:
    • Snowy and icy accumulations and the approximate size or depth of the area in which you fell
     • Leaky gutters contributing to ice puddles or downspouts
     • Poor lighting
     • Changes to levels of sidewalks, unmarked stairs, or defects such as large cracks
     • Wet or slippery substances on floors, including water in restrooms, mopped aisles, or produce on grocery store floors

  • #4

    Keep the Clothes and Shoes You Were Wearing

    A:A favorite topic of slip and fall defense lawyers everywhere is “what type of shoes were you wearing?” The idea is that generally you will be blamed for wearing inappropriate shoes such as clogs or flip-flops, depending on the weather. If you have the shoes, keep them. Or take a cell phone photograph. Do not wear them until after you have settled your case if possible.

  • #5

    Ask to Fill Out an Incident Report Immediately or the Next Day if You Forget

    A:After you fall, fill out an incident report or insist the business provide an incident report if you are physically able to do so. Notify a manager and insist upon an incident report to be provided. It’s important to document what happened. Write down the names of the employees or manager you are talking with. Find “witnesses” or people who saw you fall and get their names and addresses or telephone numbers. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid. Ask family members to seek out witnesses if they are present with your during your fall. Typically, witnesses have no bias and can help immensely. Write down any acknowledgements of the dangerous condition like substances or liquids or other problems on the floor or land. Write down if the problem was old or new. Write down any apologies. While such admissions cannot always be used at a jury trial, we can always refer to these statements during settlement negotiations.

  • #6

    Don't Say Much - Keep Your Words to a Minimum When Talking to Store Manager or Investigator

    A:Immediately after a slip and fall, you need to keep your wits about you. Slip and fall victims are often rattled by what has occurred. They tend not to realize what they or those around them are saying or doing. Maintaining focus after a slip and fall can make the difference between a win and a loss in court. At the scene, you should keep talk to a minimum. Feel free to be gracious and accept offers of help. Refrain from talking about how the fall happened, laying blame, or making immediate demands. In the weeks after, you may be approached by insurance adjusters and attorneys from the property owner or responsible party. Do not talk to any insurance representatives or give a statement in the days or weeks after the fall. It’s designed to be used against you later. Many people think they can “explain” or “win” their slip and fall case themselves. It can’t be done. Don’t try it. Instead call Shaw Law immediately and we will schedule your statement or deposition later.

  • #7

    Take Cell Phone Photos Immediately or the Next Day

    A:Inspect the area where you fell as soon as you can after the fall. These cases always seem to have widely differing viewpoints by participants as to the condition of the land. Photos can make the difference between a win and a loss in court. At the scene, photograph where you fell if you can. If you are in the hospital, have a family member or friend photograph the condition of the land if possible. Dangerous conditions like snow, ice, holes, or cracks in pavement can get fixed quickly. Do what you can.

  • #8

    See Your Doctor, Keep All Appointments and Get Better

    A:Even if your injuries aren’t severe, you should still see a doctor. Even pre-existing injuries are compensable in Indiana for the aggravation of that condition. Don’t assume just because you had a problem in your past with an injury or condition that you are prevented from recovering compensation. Most slip and fall injuries are not immediately visible but your doctor will know what to look for. Your doctor visit will also create useful medical documentation. Keep records of any follow-up appointments or treatments, including physical rehabilitation. Medical documentation provides a link of causation between the accident and your injury. You must prove that the injuries resulted from the fall.

  • #9

    Photograph Your Injuries

    A:Most people are visual when retaining information. Help your jurors understand the true nature of your injuries and the pain and suffering you experienced with a visual representation. Use your cell phone. Photograph your injuries. Many slip and falls result in bruising or other indicators of injury. Photograph any surgical incisions or other invasive treatments. Don’t be shy. Cover up your face, if necessary. Photos help your injury case.

  • #10

    Hire the Right Lawyers from Shaw Law, Indiana's Slip and Fall Attorneys

    A:Our website says it all – we are “slipandfall.com”. Hire experienced slip and fall attorneys. Unfortunately, statistics show that most slip and fall jury trails are lost by injured victims. Attorney, Jeff "JJ" Shaw, has never lost a single slip and fall jury trial in over 30+ years of experience. And we’ve literally settled cases for millions of dollars for hundreds of other injured individuals. Listen to your lawyer. We only get paid when you get paid. We are on the same side. We have the experience to know what constitutes the best strategy in every case. Help your lawyer. Keep in good communication. If you have a cell phone and an email, provide those to use and check for texts and emails. We can communicate electronically. Be honest with your attorney. Even if there are facts in your case that are not favorable to you, you must tell your attorney. Lying to your attorney will only hurt you and your case. Act professionally at all times. Yelling, cursing, or being rude during statements, depositions, or court conferences can adversely affect your case.

Verdicts & Settlements

We Get You Maximum Compensation
  • Verdict in Indianapolis, IN $5,000,000

    Bicyclist Struck by Indianapolis School Bus (independent contractor) Awarded $5M by Indianapolis Jury (Upheld by Verdict, $4.4M Paid)

  • Verdict in Gary, IN $3,040,000

    Blackjack Dealer Awarded for Slip and Fall on Ice in Trump Casino Parking Lot

  • Verdict in Hammond, IN $1,750,000

    Child Dies in Fire, Landlord Failed to Provide Adequate Smoke Detectors

  • Verdict Near the Ozarks of Missouri $1,460,000

    Sheriff's Deputy who Collides With Improperly Transported Manufactured Home Convoy

  • Settlement for Paralyzed Man Shot at Indy Gas Station $750,000

    Man Shot and Paralyzed at Gas Station by Unknown Assailant from Unruly Crowd That Gathered After Murder of Person the Night Before at Same Site

  • Settlement in Indianapolis, IN $750,000

    $750,000 Settlement Slip and Fall Indianapolis Woman Falls on Water in Produce Section of Indianapolis Grocery Store Breaking Leg.

  • $750,000 Verdict in Delphi, IN $750,000

    $750,000 Verdict for Lady in Golf Cart Struck by Drunk Driver Awarded by Jury in Carroll County

  • $605,000 Verdict in Valparaiso, IN $605,000

    $605,000 Verdict - Child Awarded for Facial Scarring When Landlord Failed to Cover Exposed Hot Water Pipe in Living Room

  • $500,000 Verdict in Kokomo $500,000

    $500,000 Verdict for Woman Slip and Fall in Domino's Pizza Restaurant on Water (Reduced to $375,000)

  • $500,000 Settlement in Bluffton, IN $500,000

    $500,000 Wrongful Death Settlement in Bluffton, Indiana for Woman Killed When She Crossed Center-Line Into Path of Oncoming Speeding Semi-Truck


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Our mission begins with fighting for the financial recovery you deserve, but our end goal is much larger. Ultimately, we strive to restore your quality of life.

You have a right to not be injured by careless businesses and people. You have a right to have your family protected and to provide for them. When that doesn't happen, you have a right to effective and caring attorneys.

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