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Jeff "JJ" Shaw

Founding Attorney

With 100+ trials throughout his career, JJ has learned how to earn the trust of clients and juries alike. 

JJ is known for his tenacity, his humor and his skill at presenting your best case in the courtroom, and this combination has gotten him where he is today.

Combining the latest technology and courtroom persuasive techniques, JJ is ahead of the game in jury trials.

David Phillips

Attorney at Law

When you see David’s seven-figure verdicts, you know that he’s a talented attorney. Yet he’s much more than just that.

David is driven by his passion for advocacy, and above all else, he seeks to protect his clients and uphold his own integrity.  

Be Smarter

"It's not bragging if you can back it up." - Muhammad Ali

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We Are Here For You Anytime You Need Us

We make ourselves available to you whenever you need us. Our personal touch is what sets us apart. Available by FaceBook direct messages, texts and telephone anytime of day or night.

We Shine in the Courtroom

Trial is the backbone of our practice. We take jury trials seriously if it comes to that.  Teach them a lesson means something to us and it should to you, too.

We Know the Other Side and How They Work

We've been in combat with them for 30+ years.  We understand how the opposing insurance industry operates and that knowledge is an invaluable asset in trials. 

What We Can Do

$20M+ Verdicts & Settlements

$5,000,000 VERDICT

Bicyclist Struck by Indianapolis School Bus

$3,040,000 VERDICT

Blackjack Dealer Slipped on Ice in Trump Casino Parking Lot

$1,750,000 Verdict

Child Died in Fire Due to Inadequate Smoke Detectors

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Better Call Shaw

What Past Clients Say

We Get You Back On Your Feet

When you get hurt and the bills mount, it can seem like nobody is there to help.  But to us, it's as personal as it is to you.  When you've been injured through the carelessness of others, that's personal to us.  We make it our goal -- We Get You Back on Your Feet.

Our mission begins with fighting for the financial recovery you deserve, but our end goal is much larger. Ultimately, we strive to restore your quality of life.

You have a right to not be injured by careless businesses and people. You have a right to have your family protected and to provide for them.  And when that doesn't happen, you have a right to effective and caring attorneys.  We get you back on your feet -- Be Smart, Better Call Shaw.

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