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Construction Site Injuries

Construction sites can be the cause of multiple types of injuries and some of the most damaging. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were in excess of 3.3 million injuries reported at construction sites in 2009 with nearly 10% of those experienced by workers.

Of those reported injuries, by far the most common injury cause was slip and falls or trip and falls (nearly 25%).

Causes of Construction Injuries

There were many causes of construction reported. Shaw Law examines a few of those types below:


The most common cause of injury was falls. Construction workers can fall from scaffolds, roofs, and from ladders. Those types of injuries by workers are often filed with the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board pursuant to Indiana law. Sometimes, a product can be the cause of a fall if it fails when being used correctly by a construction site worker and if it is less than 10 years old. Ladders are common products that fail.


Heavy machinery used at constructions sites can fail or be involved in collisions with workers or people near the construction site.

Falling Objects

Pedestrians and other people near work sites are at risk to be struck by falling objects. This can occur when things are not properly secured. These can cause TBIs (traumatic brain injuries).

Vehicle Accidents

Passerbys and workers are often at risk of being backed over by large trucks at construction sites. Sometimes, large trucks can crush workers and others in between it and another item. These can occur by inattention, failure to yield or other supervisory failures.


Sometimes hazards like bad electrical wiring, leaking gas pipes and other flammable chemicals can lead to explosions and other fires. Even though must less common than other types of accidents, these types can be devastating in nature and severity.

Construction site accidents are very common. Heavy equipment can result in very serious injuries due to the heavy equipment in use on job sites and the numerous people working at the same time. In most states, including Indiana, workers compensation laws can make it difficult for a person to obtain pain and suffering compensation if injured while working.

Additionally, federal guidelines as detailed in OSHA are complicated and complex. At Shaw Law we deal with these complex construction laws on a daily basis to get you the most compensation to which you are entitled.

In most construction site accidents there are multiple different companies working on a job site at the same time. As a result, there can be multiple companies responsible for the injuries caused by a worker on a job site.

Defective equipment also plays a role. Many construction site injuries are the result of defective construction equipment such as defective cranes, fork lifts, elevators, ladders, tools and roof collapse.

Another common type of injury occurs when a construction worker on the job site strikes another worker with a piece of machinery or building material. Construction sites are dangerous and it is well know that injuries can take place. The project manager of a construction site must make sure that safety procedures are followed at all times. Unfortunately many construction sites do not implement safety procedures and this is when people get injured.

Here at Shaw Law, we believe that every accident is preventable including construction site accidents and injuries. Every accident is due to someone's fault. You should not have to bear the brunt of the negligence of someone else.

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