$500,000 Settlement in Bluffton, IN

$500,000 Wrongful Death Settlement in Bluffton, Indiana for Woman Killed When She Crossed Center-Line Into Path of Oncoming Speeding Semi-Truck

After lengthy and contentious litigation with significant expert witness preparation and reports, a $500,000 settlement in Bluffton, Indiana for Woman Killed When She Crossed Center-Line into Path of Oncoming Speeding Semi-Truck.

The settlement came on the second day of jury trial after the truck driver was cross-examined on the witness stand by Attorney Jeff Shaw.

The settlement was reached when it became clear that the trucking company, which had denied liability due to the car being driven by the mother of three children, had crossed the center line during a snowstorm.

Expert witness testimony revealed the semi-truck was speeding, thus giving the truck driver less time to prepare and stop for hazards on the roadway.

Names were agreed to be withheld as confidential.

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