$150,000 Verdict in Washington, In

$150,000 Verdict in Washington, Indiana for Dump Truck Driver With Stitches on Arm Awarded $150,000 by Jury Where No Contact Occurred in Daviess County

A dump truck operator was carrying a full load of sand when a driver pulled out in front of him from a stop sign. This caused the dump truck to overturn, badly cutting the operator's arm on exposed steel in the truck cab.

The dump truck operator received 30 stitches in his arm and was sent back to work a few weeks later. He continued to complain of numbness near the incision site.

The defense lawyer argued that even though the accident might have been the fault of his elderly female driver, the stitches healed nicely and the injuries were minor.

Attorney Jeff Shaw was able to discover a series of photographs taken by the investigating officer that showed the interior of the dump truck moments after the collision took place. The photos showed a grisly scene with blood splattered throughout the cab and bits of flesh still hanging from the exposed metal.

A Daviess County jury found for the plaintiff 100% and awarded compensatory damages of $150,000 despite no actual contact between the two vehicles.

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