$90,000 Verdict in Indianapolis, IN

$90,000 Verdict in Indianapolis Against State Farm Insurance and to Driver Who was Denied Pain and Suffering Compensation After Hit-and-Run Collision

Our client was involved in a collision involving a hit-and-run driver who escaped. Thus, it was considered an uninsured motorist coverage case because the identity of the driver could not be determined.

He suffered ongoing spinal problems which resulted in injections and continuing treatments for over 2 years.

Defense lawyers and State Farm Insurance Company refused to pay under its UM policy for any compensation despite our client having paid his premium timely for years.

Attorney Jeff Shaw was able to cross-examine State Farm's adjuster who was brought up from Texas. During his cross-examination, the adjuster admitted he hadn't fully reviewed the details of this claim despite two years have gone by and that he thought it had a value far exceeding what the prior offer to settle had been.

The jury was out less than one hour and came back 100% in favor of our client and awarded him $90,000.

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