Wal-Mart, Inc. Is a Huge Worldwide Corporation Who Does Not Care About Any Particular Slip and Fall Case

Wal-Mart, Inc. will not settle your slip and fall case based upon avoiding bad publicity.  

It will settle your case if you have a good case with sound evidence presented by capable attorneys, like Shaw Law.  We’ve done it before, we can do it for you.

It is estimated that Wal-Mart, Inc. operates over 4,500 stores in the United States.  In the United States, the company includes Wal-Mart discount stores, Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets, and


Sam’s Club warehouse membership clubs. Sam’s Clubs are about 655 stores as of 2015.  The company also has many international operations. The company operated about 6,300 international Walmart stores in 2015.

Wal-Mart, Inc. is the second largest employer of people in the United States.

Your slip and fall case is not going to affect their value or stock options or good will.

Wal-Mart, Inc. will not settle your case with you to prevent bad publicity.  It just is too large to care about the “little guy.”  And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  The same attitude of not caring about the “little guy” can come shining through to a jury in a courtroom when it comes to customer safety, too.

Hire Shaw Law.  We’ve handled dozens of Wal-Mart, Inc. and Walmart Stores slip and falls in our decades of experience.  We know what to look for and how to present your best case, so that you can get fair treatment for your injuries.

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