Driverless Cars or Autonomous Cars or Autopilot Cars

What once seemed like science fiction is coming and it’s almost here.  Google is coming out with a driverless, robotic car that will not have a driver. Rumors are that Apple and other major auto manufacturers will soon have driverless cars.

Who knows?  Someday it might be illegal to drive your own car. 

Google and Apple are currently working on software that will be available to the public in the next few years.

Tesla automobiles already have autopilot (2 deaths in the Indianapolis area in 2016 have scared some customers, but it won’t stem the tide as Tesla has denied any culpability with the auto-pilot system as being a cause of the crash).

These incidents will occur again and again.  There hasn’t been the machine invented that did not fail at some point in its progress.

Autonomous cars and robotic vehicles will be used by Uber (the world’s largest taxi company) within a few years.

The world will change as we know it.

Here at Shaw Law, we are studying the automation revolution.  We will be prepared to handle these cases as soon as we can be.

The future is not to be feared, but rather understood.

We are currently consulting with experts in these areas and attending seminars that will put Shaw Law at the forefront of robotics law and drone law and autonomous cars law.

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