flips flops placed on the edge of a pool

5 Biggest Summer Slip and Fall Hazards

Summer Safety for the Whole Family

The summer months are perfect for outdoor activities promising fun in the sun for the whole family. However, this can also be the time of year when injuries from slip and fall accidents become more common.

It's estimated that more than three million Americans seek treatment for a slip and fall injury every year. Although less than two percent are fatal, these can be significantly dangerous for specific demographics, like toddlers and the elderly. Considering this, everyone must have a better understanding of what can be a potential hazard during the hottest time of the year.

1. Sprinkler Systems

Whether your sprinklers are running to help your yard grow or for the enjoyment of young children and pets, these yard tools can often lead to wet sidewalks and driveways and cause injury. While we know that it's easy to slip on wet grass and not have severe injuries, the possibility of it occurring on concrete can lead to more serious consequences.

To combat this, it's important to educate your children about running near wet sidewalks, driveways, and roadways, as well as be mindful about how often you run your sprinklers.

2. Pools

Public pools often have signs posted encouraging users to walk, not run, near the water, but this is an essential step for homeowners, too. Many may not realize how slippery the services surrounding pools can be, which is why it's important to encourage children to walk calmly when getting out of the water or when preparing to cannonball.

Indiana law also stipulates that swimming facilities are compliant in posting easily accessible safety rules and letting users know when there is no lifeguard on duty. This is an essential component of hazard communication and should be observed at all times.

3. Docks and Boats

Like being careful when walking around pools, being on docks can pose a slip and fall risk, too, and often with more dangerous consequences. Not only can a slip and fall on a dock cause injury, but it can also increase your chances of drowning, should the slip cause you to go into the water.

Likewise, getting into a boat can be slippery, so it's important to be careful when doing so and to stabilize yourself before stepping onto it.

4. Flip Flops

Although flip flops are an essential component to any pool, beach, or lake-goers outfit, they can also be an additional slip and fall hazard. Often when these shoes get wet, they can become slick and not only hurt your toes by pulling or forming blisters, but they can also cause ankle sprains or fractures.

When it comes to appropriate footwear for water days, it is always better to opt for a closed-toe option with a better grip.

5. Tourist Attractions

Yes, your favorite summer tourist locations like sports arenas and zoos can also come with potential hazards. However, the difference between the sprinklers at these businesses and the ones at your home is that they have a responsibility to alert patrons of these potential hazards. When it comes to slippery sidewalks or hallways, it is always best to walk and avoid a possible slip and fall injury.

Stay Safe This Summer — We Can Help.

When planning your upcoming summer activities, don't neglect to consider the potential hazards that can come with these locations and your attire. If you sustain a slip and fall injury at a public pool, zoo, or other premises where negligence has occurred, you may be entitled to compensation. Call (260) 777-7777 to get in touch with the team at Shaw Law and discuss your potential case.