What to Do if You Trip and Fall in a Gym

Have you recently been hurt in an Indiana gym accident and believe that it was the gym's responsibility to remove a hazard or obstruction from the walkway and that in failing to do so, they caused you to suffer serious consequences? If you can show that the property owner or manager knew or should have discovered the dangerous condition and failed to correct it, leaving you to suffer, you may be able to recover compensation.

Getting Hurt at an Indiana Gym Could Lead to Legal Claim

While a gym is supposed to be a great place to feel better, to get healthy and to make your body stronger, this should be a positive thing in your life but might not be if you have sustained a trip and fall injury. The two primary types of hazards in a gym that is most likely to cause is trip and fall or slip and fall accidents are equipment hazards and floor hazards.

Unsafe floor hazards are far too common in gyms and can include everything from broken floor tiles to worn out turf or carpet and wet floors outside of showers. Any gyms that also have a pool area can be especially dangerous since these can be a popular site for more fragile elderly individuals who have looked for low impact aquatic activities.

The other common cause of trip and fall and slip and fall accidents inside a gym has to do with equipment. Equipment that was not returned to the appropriate location, as well as broken equipment that has not been maintained or removed by gym employees or maintenance, can cause a dangerous trip and falls. This is often the case with handheld smaller weights and their component parts.

The vast majority of common gym equipment is electronic in nature, meaning that electrical outlets and cords also pose a trip and fall risk. When these are not appropriately covered or secured, they can cause unsuspecting exercises in the gym to trip and fall, suffering severe injuries.

If you recently slipped and fell or tripped and fell inside a gym, health club, or other similar venues due to the negligence of the property owner, you must be able to show that the property owner or manager failed to maintain a reasonably safe environment. The medical bills associated with such an injury can be catastrophic particularly if you do not get help from an experienced Indiana premises liability attorney immediately.

You need to report the accident to the gym manager immediately and gather all of your evidence after getting medical attention. Even if you are not yet sure whether you have sustained a severe injury, you need to talk to a lawyer to clarify your rights after you have been seen by a physician. A physician can give you a better idea of whether or not further diagnostic tests may be required to rule out dangerous injuries and side effects. The support of a premises liability attorney will be extremely important for recovering compensation.