$750,000 Settlement in Indianapolis, IN

$750,000 Settlement Slip and Fall Indianapolis Woman Falls on Water in Produce Section of Indianapolis Grocery Store Breaking Le

An elderly woman stopped in an Indianapolis supermarket to grab bananas.

But, she didn't expect water on the floor.

Even though there were a couple "wet warning signs" (the yellow placard variety) near the case filled with bananas, the water had seeped out about 4-5 farther than the last warning sign.

The banana case had been leaking water from its underlying drain pan for over 48 hours, but the company had failed to call headquarters or its own maintenance company. It had decided to simply placed the cones around the case. The manager testified he intended to call the repair company on a Monday morning (the fall happened on a Saturday evening).

Attorney Jeff Shaw was able to secure a videotape which showed the woman slipped on the water as it seeped into the aisle past the cones, causing a terrible compound fracture to her knee where exposed bone was visible.

After securing the videotape, the parties settled for $750,000 at a mediation session prior to trial.

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