Slip and Falls at Meijer and Other Big Box Stores

Attorney Jeff Shaw has handled slip and falls against big box stores throughout Indiana in Indiana.

These cases involve both slip and falls in the parking lots outside the store when snow and ice removal or maintenance was not done correctly and inside the store on spills.

Sometimes, boxes or shelves collapse upon unsuspecting customers.

These big box and warehouse stores all have guidelines and training it gives employees to prevent such matters from occurring. One troublesome policy common to these stores includes requiring “all” employees to be on the lookout for spills inside the store.  In effect, all employees then think the other employees will handle the matter and can ignore problems with safety.

Outside problems with snow and ice on parking lots and sidewalks happens, too.

Many times, these big box and warehouse stores have contracts with local snow plow companies to salt and plow snow and remove ice from the parking lots.  A careful examination of these contracts is necessary to know whether the provisions were followed correctly.

Attorney Jeff Shaw has read literally dozens of these contracts and contacted several experts throughout the years to give an opinion as to whether the injury suffered was preventable.

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