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Work Trucks, Box Trucks and Business Vehicle Crashes

Workers use vehicles to get the job done. Corporations in Indiana use corporate vehicles to move employees and provide services to Hoosiers at a speedy, efficient pace.

Sometimes these corporations and their corporate drivers are more interested in getting the job done quickly more than safely. Time is money, after all.

All drivers should have the paramount goal of safety on the roads. But many don't follow the rules of commercial driver's licenses and regulations.

Here at Shaw Law Office, we believe that every accident is preventable. Every accident is due to someone's fault. You should not have to bear the brunt of the negligence of someone else.

We will be prepared to get you full damages, you can count on that.

What are Some of the Common Causes of Indiana Truck Accidents?

The following are some of the common causes of truck accidents:

Driver Exhaustion. Both federal and state laws regulate the number of hours a driver can drive during any given day or week.

Improper Loading. Poorly loaded trailers impair the handling ability of the driver and may cause the trailer to tip or fall. The poor loading of the trailer may affect the ability to control the truck and keep it under control.

Driver Inattentiveness. Drivers are often on the road for long hours and can easily lose their concentration.

Exceeding Maximum Load. Drivers must have specific qualification in order to haul specific cargo. Additionally, a driver cannot exceed specific weight limits or the vehicle will be even more dangerous to operate.

Negligent Hiring. Many truck operators fail to do a proper background check on the drivers that they hire to drive their trucks, resulting in the hiring of drivers with either suspended or dangerous driving records.

Improper Inspection and Maintenance. Rigorous inspection and maintenance of the tractor and trailer is required legally and should be performed by the driver at every stop.

Driver Stress. Drivers have pressure to deliver as many loads as they can in a timely manner in order to make more money.

Driver Use of Drugs or Alcohol. Some drivers turn to illegal drugs to get a boost to stay awake. Trucking companies are required to make a mandatory substance abuse screening when each driver is hired. Truck drivers are also required to do regular screenings to monitor for substance abuse. In any commercial truck accident, a driver is required to submit to a blood test within 4 hours.

Driving with an Unsecured Load. Some drivers fail to properly secure or maintain the trailer they are hauling.

Bad Weather. Road conditions caused by rain contribute to a large percentage of truck accidents.

Bad Driving such as Speeding or Improper Passing or Lane Usage. Trucks are particularly dangerous when driven at a high rate of speed given their size and the longer breaking period to stop. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that over 25% of truckers involved in a fatal crash had a prior conviction for speeding on their record.

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