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Hire the Right Lawyers – Shaw Law Offices, Indiana’s Slip and Fall Attorneys with Offices in Valparaiso serving all of Porter County, Lake County, LaPorte County and St. Joseph County and Surrounding Areas.

Our website says its all – we are “”

Statistics show that most slip and fall jury trials are lost by injured victims.

Attorney Jeff JJ Shaw has never lost a single slip and fall jury trial in over 30+ years of trials — not once.

And we’ve literally settled cases for millions of dollars – $$$ – for hundreds of other injured persons.

Hire the right Valparaiso Slip and Fall Lawyers — Shaw Law Offices. Call us or Text Us at (877) 225-5742. That’s (877) CALL-SHAW.

A Valparaiso and Portage Slip and Fall Attorney who knows exactly how to get you what you deserve. Don’t waste time hiring attorneys who only dabble in slip and fall cases. Shaw Law Offices — Valparaiso’s Slip and Fall Law Firm — is here to listen and help.

Unlike other cases, an Indiana slip and fall case depends upon quick and timely action to preserve the evidence. Shaw Law Offices can issue preservation letters on your Valparaiso slip-and-fall case or your Portage trip-and-fall claim within 24 hours of signing up.

And you can get your experienced Valparaiso and Portage slip and fall lawyer or your Portage trip and fall attorney from the comfort of your own home anywhere in Porter County, LaPorte County, Lake County or St. Joseph County. We have literally gone to jury trials in those counties and dozens more in Indiana fighting for your rights in all types of premises liability cases involving injuries to customers and patrons of all types of businesses throughout Indiana. Anytime you are injured on the business property of another due to their negligence or just not being careful, call your Valparaiso slip and fall law firm — Shaw Law Offices — we can sign you up with a telephone call and an email.

Indiana’s only law firm dedicated to Slip and Fall Law — Shaw Law Offices.

Slip and Fall law pertains to any injury you suffer on business property in Valparaiso, Merrillville, Portage or Lake County or Porter County. Trip and Fall lawyers like Shaw Law Offices know that slipping, falling or tripping can occur to the most careful of business invitees or customers to any store, restaurant, church or other business property.

When you are injured, hire the right Valparaiso, Portage and Porter County Slip and Fall Law Firm — Shaw Law Offices. For over 30+ years, we know the ins-and-outs of premises liability laws in Indiana. Slip and Falls are no laughing matter — you can be seriously hurt and miss time from work with lost wages and future impairment to earn a living.

Call the trip and fall law firm attorneys who know how to handle your Valparaiso personal injury case — Shaw Law Offices — Valparaiso’s pre-eminent Slip and Fall law firm.

We have the latest technology means to communicate on your Valparaiso slip or trip and fall case with all of the latest technology — texts, Skypes, FaceBook messaging, email or simple telephone calls.

And we don’t ever charge a fee — until you win your slip-and-fall case or your trip-and-fall case.

Call Valparaiso’s Slip-and-Fall Lawyers — Shaw Law Office. Right here in Valparaiso serving all of Porter County and Lake County with an emphasis on premises liability cases whenever somebody is injured on business property due to the carelessness and negligence of business establishments such as fast food restaurants, taverns, big box stores, strip malls, parking lots and other business property.

Jeffrey Shaw, Esq.

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