Indiana Slip and Fall Lawyers

Uneven Pavement

An Indiana uneven pavement slip and fall injury attorney will be a person who remains at your side as you fight back against the property owner or manager who might be responsible for the injuries you have sustained.

Did you know that property owners and managers throughout Indiana have a legal responsibility to people on their premises, including customers of retail stores, businesses and restaurants to ensure that there are no existing hazards or dangerous conditions?

These dangerous conditions might lead to a slip and fall injury accident and if a person has been hurt in such an incident, that victim could be eligible to pursue compensation with the help of a slip and fall injury attorney. Uneven pavement is a common cause of slip and fall accident lawsuits.

An uneven pavement slip and fall injury attorney in Indiana like Jeff Shaw, will evaluate all of the allegations in your legal claim and help you to prepare a compelling case to recover compensation. People who have been critically hurt in uneven pavement accidents must be able to show through evidence such as photos, videos or eyewitness statements, that a dangerous condition existed on the property and that a slip and fall accident on this dangerous condition led to the severe injuries.

Whether you have suffered broken bones, a hip injury, fractures, a TBI or other types of medical conditions because of your slip and fall on uneven pavement, it is imperative to gather evidence as soon as possible. At Shaw Law, it is our goal to look at all of the evidence and to prepare as smooth and strong a case as possible. We understand that there are many different opportunities available to you in pursuing compensation and we work hard to fight for settlement offers where necessary.

If an uneven pavement situation was unreasonably dangerous, such that an employee or other reasonable person would have noted that it was dangerous and respond to it appropriately, but the owner of the property in question failed to do so, this information might be used in a premises liability lawsuit. Premises owners have a duty to exercise reasonable care to protect Indiana customers from foreseeable dangers on their premises.

A premises owner will be held liable if he or she had actual knowledge of the condition or that the condition itself existed for such a length of time and under circumstances, that it would have been discovered in time to prevent someone from suffering from a devastating injury. If you have already been hurt in a slip and fall accident caused by uneven pavement surfaces, broken handrails, improperly constructed stairs or dangerous balconies, it is in your best interests to schedule a consultation with Shaw Law today.

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