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Slip and Falls at Sam's Club

Attorney Jeff Shaw has handled slip and falls against Sam's Club Stores in Indiana.

Warehouse stores like Sam's Club can provide quality goods at bulk prices, but it can lead to slip and fall injuries, too.

Sam's Club, like Walmart Stores, has guidelines and training it gives employees to prevent such matters from occurring. One troublesome policy includes requiring "all" employees to be on the lookout for spills inside the store. In effect, all employees then think the other employees will handle the matter and can ignore problems with safety. These cases involve slip and falls in both parking lots outside the store when snow and ice removal or maintenance was not done correctly and inside the store on spills. Sometimes, boxes or shelves collapse upon unsuspecting customers.

Sam's Club is a subsidiary of Wal-Mart, Inc. and Walmart stores (see our special section on Walmart for further details how Walmart handles slip and fall injury cases).

Sam's Club has giant parking lots. Those can be difficult to keep clean and free from ice and snow or dangerous conditions like potholes and cracks.

Sam's Club typically handles its snow and ice maintenance and removal in parking lots by hiring third-party snow plow companies to patrol the parking lots and remove snow and ice. These often require written contracts to define each party's duties in case of snow and ice.

Attorney Jeff Shaw has read literally dozens of these contracts and contacted several experts throughout the years to give an opinion as to whether the injury suffered was preventable. Oftentimes, Sam's Club or the snow plow company did not follow the contract provisions. This can lead to dangerous conditions on Sam's Club property for unsuspecting customers.

Another additional problem I've encountered through the years with warehouse stores includes their videotape capabilities and procedures. I've not had much success with the acquisition of adequate videotapes of the customers who have slipped and fallen or tripped within the store.

The placement of the cameras is questionable at best and I've had a difficult time being able to see the carts area within the store, which is a prime area where customers fall due to increased traffic in that area.

There are multiple angles and many different cameras, so the lack of videotape footage is troubling at best.

Another unique problem to warehouse stores like Sam's Club includes the heavy bulk items packed up high on shelves. Many customers attempt to help themselves and are seriously injured when struck by falling merchandise.

These types of cases can be difficult to win without experienced counsel.

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