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Rental Car Companies

Rental car companies issue cars to drivers of all kinds. Usually without much of a background check into the driver's ability to handle the car or traffic situations.

If you've been injured in an accident and the other car was a rental car, you might be asking if you can recover damages from the other driver, th rental company or both. 

Can a rental car company like Hertz, Budget or Enterprise ever be responsible for your injuries after an accident?

It's rare, but not impossible for the rental company to be held responsible.  There are many issues to consider in the rental vehicle crash investigation. First, is auto insurance. Rental car companies usually offer additional insurance to all renters.  If it was approved, then that company must obviously be held to have coverage.  If it was denied by the purchaser, then the next question must be answered.

Of course, if the rental car company has reason to believe the customer is not capable of driving the vehicle being purchased (such as being inebriated or having a driver's license that was suspended), then "negligent entrustment" theories of liability could exist.

Additonally, a look at why the vehicle was being rented in the first place could be an issue if it was for an express illegal purpose or the vehicle was not designed for the purpose of why it was being rented (not capable of towing a large trailer, for example).

A person who is not from the area can be indicative of a driver who is new to the area -- unfamiliar with certain roads and rules of the road. Perhaps the driver was distracted by business that needed to be done. Perhaps the rental car was for a party situation.

A good legal investigation discovers all aspects of a rental car injury and accident.

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Rental Truck Accidents Like Hertz or Avis or Enterprise

There is little doubt that the United States population is on the move.

Statistics show that Americans and Hoosiers here in Indiana are moving their residences and businesses like never before in history.

As people and companies move their residences and businesses in Indiana, more and more rental trucks are on the road, moving those people and goods.

Sometimes, these rental truck drivers are more interested in getting the move completed quickly than following the safety traffic rules of the road.

This can lead to accidents that injure you and your loved ones.

The unique thing about rental trucks is that they will rent to almost anybody -- it might be the first time the driver has ever handled a vehicle of this size.

That's why we explore the driver's familiarity with operating a large truck in our investigation.

Here at Shaw Law Offices we believe that every accident is preventable. Every vehicular accident is due to someone's fault. You should not have to bear the brunt of the negligence of someone else.

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