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Broken Hips

A hip fracture can be a very serious injury with complications that can affect lifespan in some elderly people. Unfortunately, the risk of a broken hip increases as a person gets older. Older people are more likely to suffer fractures of the hip joint bones (often the top of the "femur" the longest bone in the human body) due to osteoporosis (bone weakens disease).

Additionally, older people often take medications that have side effects that weaken bones. Poor balance issues and poor vision acuity results in a terrifying combination of risk factors that subject older people to hip fractures after a slip and fall.

A hip fracture invariably requires a surgery to heal and sometimes requires a prosthetic device to be implanted. This can be followed by weeks or months or strenuous physical therapy. For some elderly patients, the inability to walk results in placement in assisted living facilities which can diminish independence and dignity. Some hip fracture surgeries can exceed costs of $100,000 or more.

A hip fracture is a very serious injury that needs a very serious premises liability lawyer like Attorney Jeff JJ Shaw. With over 30+ years of experience in handling broken hip cases, Shaw can get you the compensation you deserve.

A broken hip is one of the most commonly damaged parts of the body during a slip and fall accident.

The hips are the widest part of a person's frame and often absorb most impact as you land. There are several different types of common hip injuries, all of which can sideline you and make it impossible for you to go to work. Strains, tears, and sprains of the ligaments found in the hip socket joint might affect your hips because there are many different ligaments, tendons and muscles that surround your bones and allow for you to move. A dislocated hip is another common side result of a common slip and fall incident. A dislocated hip can cause extreme difficulty, inability to walk, or severe pain. If the hip joint is dislocated, it can also lead to a loss of feeling in the ankle or foot.

You could also suffer tears, sprains and strains in addition to a hip dislocation. Fractures are another common side effect of serious slip and fall accidents. The femur and pelvic bones of the hip are strong but can still be susceptible to fractures and these may occur due to the direct impact f the body with a hard surface, such as the ground, during a fall.

Treatments for your hip injury after a slip and fall accident need to be outlined by an experienced medical professional as soon as possible after the accident occurs. Certain injuries such as sprains, strains and minor fractures might heal on their own with rest, ice and medication. However, tears, fractures or dislocations may require advance surgery which carries the risk of infection and other side effects.

Any surgery on the hip will lead to weeks of recovery and rest time and may require physical therapy in advance as well. In all of these situations, it is critical for the person who has been hurt to discuss their options directly with a dedicated and experienced attorney. At Shaw Law, we make it our mission to understand your goals for recovering compensation so that you can craft a treatment plan directly in line with your needs.

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