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Handicapped Ramps

Why are Handicapped Ramps Especially Dangerous Areas

Handicapped ramps are supposed to be safe.  After all, they are designed and constructed to help people with limited abilities to walk to go into and out of businesses.

But, ironically, an improperly maintained handicapped ramp can be a common place where slip and falls occur.

The concrete can deteriorate due to being placed upon other concrete to create the ramp.  This can cause mini-potholes and other problems for persons trying to get up or down the ramp.

Additionally, the federal laws require the ramps to be painted in a certain manner and to be constructed according to the federal Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.  These guidelines are often ignored by business owners and other landowners.

Additionally, ice that forms on a ramp creates an automatic "slide" due to the incline, which can lead to substantial injuries for handicapped or physically challenged individuals in Indianapolis and Indiana.

A ramp often seems like the safest and most effective way to get from one location to another and it is often used by children or people who have mobility issues. If a ramp isn’t properly constructed, however, or if there exist hazards on the ramp that expose people already at risk to injuries, then this could serve as the basis for a ramp accident premises liability lawsuit in Indiana.

Who Could be Responsible for my Injuries?

The manufacturers of the ramp as well as the property owner or a manager keeping an eye on the ramp and related premises has a duty of care to people legally on the property to minimize the risk of injuries.

When this duty of care is breached and it leads to someone suffering from preventable accident injuries or even the loss of a loved one whose injuries were so severe that they were killed as a result, a ramp accident lawsuit can be filed.

If the ramp has broken down over time and was not appropriately repaired and if no warning signs or other advisements about the problems were given to people on the property, a ramp accident can have sudden and devastating consequences. This is particularly true for any person who is attempting to use a ramp while in a wheelchair or on crutches.

A person who is already vulnerable or who has already sustained significant injuries in a previous accident could slip and fall or trip and fall. A person in a wheelchair may roll quickly down the remaining part of the ramp and be ejected from their chair, striking other objects. This can lead to catastrophic injuries and damages. A person who has been hurt in a premises liability lawsuit like this must take action to hire an experienced premises liability attorney right away.

You deserve advanced support with your injury claim, especially if the medical conditions with which you’ve been diagnosed are serious enough to keep you at home away from work. These costs can add up quickly, so keep track of all your expenses for your lawsuit.

How to Figure out What Caused the Accident

A ramp accident needs to be thoroughly investigated in the moments immediately after the incident occurs in order to give the injured party an opportunity to file a lawsuit with the most accurate evidence. It is not uncommon for facilities accused of improper maintenance in a ramp accident to try to fix the circumstances as soon as possible after they recognize that a guest has been hurt on the property. This means that the evidence from the scene of the accident, such as pictures or videos of what it looked like on the day the person was injured, will have limited impact in terms of recovery of compensation. It is imperative that a person who has suffered in a ramp accident, consult with a lawyer immediately to verify their eligibility to bring forward a premises liability lawsuit and to discover their next steps if a ramp caused you to fall down.

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