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Common Slip and Fall Injuries or Trip and Fall Injuries in Indiana

If you've recently been hurt in a slip and fall accident in Indiana, you may be curious about how your medical condition and your future may be affected by such an incident. You may be eligible to pursue a liability claim against a property owner or manager if he or she was negligent in removing hazards and failed to keep the property in a reasonable condition so as to avoid accidents.

If you were recently hurt in such an accident, you may be eligible to pursue compensation depending on whether or not you suffered severe injuries. A broad number of different types of injuries may be associated with a slip and fall accident. Many of them may be minor or some may be more severe and could cause you to miss work for a long period of time and to suffer extensive medical expenses.

An experienced Indiana slip and fall lawyer should be called immediately.

Severe Injuries Requiring Medical Attention

The most common type of slip and fall injuries in Indiana accidents include:

  • Head injuries. Traumatic Brain Injuries (“TBIs”) can occur as a result of a victim's head striking the ground or another object on the way down. Ongoing memory problems, mobility issues, cognition concerns, and behavioral problems are all associated with head injuries. A “concussion” is a traumatic brain injury. The effects can be long-lasting. We now have medical evidence that repeated concussions can cause CTE – a debilitating neurological condition.

  • Broken pelvis or broken hip injuries. A large percentage of slip and fall victims are elderly as senior citizens are more likely to fall as well as to be seriously injured in such an accident. A fall accident that breaks a victim's pelvis or hip could lead to hip replacement surgery or a prolonged nursing home stay.

  • Spine, neck and back injuries. Your spine and the many nerves running from the spine to all parts of your body can often be injured in a slip and fall -- even when you catch yourself from hitting the ground and these can be catastrophic medical conditions. It can be very painful and difficult to suffer back and neck injuries. A broken vertebrae, slipped disc or other injury could lead to chronic pain, an inability to return to work, extensive rehabilitation therapy or surgery.

  • Torn ligaments and tendons. Tearing a ligament or a tendon in your knees, feet or wrist is extremely painful and can have long term consequences that make it hard for you to return to work. Unfortunately, many of these severe injuries require months to heal and could even lead to long term physical therapy. Some of the tears could require surgery, which carry their own set of risks.

  • Torn rotator cuff. Often people who fall put out their hands to catch themselves. This can lead to a powerful impact throughout the arm and into the shoulder area, where a group of muscles known as “the rotator cuff” and its many tendons can become torn or harmed. This injury is very, very painful and the surgery to correct it can lead to physical therapy and months of recovery.

  • Knee injuries. The knee often takes the brunt of a slip and fall. Torn anterior cruciate injury (torn “ACL”) is seen in many athletes in today’s sporting world, but it can also occur when you fall. Patellar (knee) tendons can also be strained or torn. Patella breaks (broken kneecap) is another common injury in a slip and fall situation when the person falls directly on the knee.

If you have already been hurt in a slip and fall accident that led to serious injuries including broken bones, fractures, bruises, contusions, internal organ damage and more, you need to be evaluated by a medical professional to further understand your diagnosis. Then, the next important step is to talk to an experienced Indiana slip and fall attorney who has decades of experience in handling these claims with severe catastrophic injuries.

Anyone who has suffered severe injuries and must prove that the landowner or property manager's negligence or lack of action was the direct cause of their incident. You might be eligible to pursue compensation to help pay your medical bills and more.

Indiana law allows an injured person to recover not only medical bills, but also for mental anguish (pain and suffering), loss of quality of life, future impairment, loss of earning capacity, scars and disfigurement and more. Only a jury can determine what that is actually worth and it is left up to them to assign an actual dollar figure to those conditions. Of course, an experienced Indiana slip and fall attorney can help the jury calculate your damages.

You have enough to worry about in the wake of a serious injury that has left you with severe medical conditions. You deserve to have an Indiana slip and fall lawyer who will fight back for you.

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