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Cables and Cords

Tripping over a cord or cable in a restaurant or store is a common occurrence in Indiana. These incidents can lead to serious and debilitating injuries. Often, it is the fault of the landowner who places such obstacles in the way of unsuspecting individuals.

An Indiana cable and cords trip and fall lawyer might be able to help you if a landowner or business owner of a restaurant or store placed cables, cords or other materials in the walk way that prevented you from being able to safely move through.

If this was a hazard about where no warning signs were posted, you might be able to recover compensation in an Indiana personal injury lawsuit.

Victim Right in a Trip and Fall Case

Premises liability laws in Indiana make it the responsibility of a property owner or business owner or manager to remove any hazards from the walk way of customers and other invited guests in public places such as businesses, stores and restaurants. You might be able to recover compensation for your injuries depending upon the circumstances that led to you tripping and falling over the cord or cable.

An Indiana cables and cords trip and fall attorney will be able guide you through the legal process so that you can recover maximum compensation and have peace of mind while your health recovers. There are many different things to think about when it comes to cable and cord trip and fall accidents, but the most important thing to remember is that a property manager or owner should have been aware of these risks and done everything possible to warn you about the situation or to remove it entirely – especially if he or she is the one who placed the cords or cables in your path or ordered somebody else to do so.

Industry standards for all businesses require that pathways and walkways remain clear where customers and other invited guests are expected to be.

In situations in which a property manager or owner cannot remove the immediate obstacle, such as ongoing construction projects that has placed cables and cords in a walk way or on stairs, then he or she should do everything possible to warn you about the situation so that you don’t trip and fall and sustain catastrophic injuries.

Oftentimes, the offending landowner will argue that the cord or cable itself is “open and obvious” in its danger due to a bright color of the cord or cable. This type of “open and obvious” argument is a common defense in all slip and fall or trip and fall cases, but it is especially prevalent in the cord and cable trip area.

The simple truth remains that many persons are not aware of the cord or cable for many reasons. Often, a store or restaurant will direct the attention of the customer or invited guests to look up at menus or brightly colored products, thus rendering the color of the cord or cable immaterial.

If you trip and fall and sustain severe injuries, you might be eligible to hold the property owner or manager accountable for their actions and get the funds you need to pay for your medical bills and future or past lost wages. Missing time from work and having to pay costly medical bills because of someone else's negligence can be an overwhelming situation, but it is one that can be easily avoided when you talk with an experienced Indiana premises liability lawyer.

What to do After a Trip and Fall Accident

You need to gather evidence from the scene of the incident as soon as possible. This could include photographs from your cell phone or other devices. Photographs taken as soon as possible after the trip and fall or slip and fall can be vital to the success of your claim.

Because cables and cords might be removed from the scene in the aftermath of a slip and fall or trip and fall by the landowner to try to hide liability issues, it is recommended that you take photographs of the accident scene and get statements from witnesses in the area as soon as possible after the incident has occurred – even if it is the next day. A family friend can perform the same tasks if you are too injured to return to the scene.

You should not be responsible for paying your medical bills and coping with the other expenses and problems linked to a trip and fall accident due to cables and cords.

There are many industry standards in place when it comes to cords and cables. An experienced trip and fall Indiana attorney can help you navigate through the procedures necessary to make a recovery.

Make sure you take the next steps as soon as possible to protect yourself. If you wait too long to get help, you could exceed the statute of limitations in Indiana for being able to pursue lawsuits against property owners and managers. You need to identify who is liable and then use your evidence to illustrate that other steps could have been taken to decrease risk of serious injury. Your decision to hold a property owner accountable might be everything you need to recover the compensation you are owed and help prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.

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