What You Need to Know About Discovery

Once you have lodged a premises liability lawsuit with the help of an attorney like Jeff Shaw, you will need to prepare all of your evidence and paperwork for sharing with the court. This is due to a process known as discovery. In discovery, both sides must share the information that they plan to present in court with the other side and this gathering of documents and evidence might play a critical role in showing the other side that it is in their best interests to settle.

How a Lawyer Helps During Discovery

If you retain a lawyer who has worked in the field of premises liability for many years, you can greatly increase your chances of making a powerful presentation in discovery. Discovery can also show you the intended strategy the other side plans to use in fighting back against your premises liability claim and this information can be used to craft your own strategy in response.

If the evidence is clear enough and if the other side feels concerned about the possibility of a big award handed down by a judge or jury in your premises liability lawsuit, they might be more likely to approach you with settlement offers. Discovery is a crucial time in your premises liability suit since it can identify whether or not you have the opportunity to resolve things outside of court and it is an ideal time to get a perception of the other side's interpretation of the value of your case.

Should You Really Take That Early Settlement Offer?

In many cases, a settlement offer that is provided by the other side early on in a premises liability lawsuit will not fully cover the depth of your injuries or the severity of your medical conditions. Because of this, it is important to be prepared with an attorney who will not let you be harmed by walking away with a settlement offer that does not fully consider what is in your best interests.

The right attorney is a powerful advocate for you and one who will help you navigate the justice system effectively when you need to file a legal claim against another person who you believe to be responsible for your injuries.

Discovery is your attorney’s opportunity to make a clear presentation about the strengths of your case, and therefore, you will want to work only with an attorney who has extensive experience in this field and one who is prepared to organize the documents in the appropriate fashion and negotiate with the other side. If your attorney is successful in making a powerful discovery presentation, this could lead to a settlement outside of court, saving you a significant time.

However, a settlement offer presented by the other side is not always in your best interests, and therefore, you need to clarify with your attorney what you perceive to be fair compensation for your injuries. At Shaw Law, we’ve worked with many victims who were in the wrong place at the wrong time- allow us to help you get back on your feet and back on track with your life.