What Should I do After I’m Injured?

Please see our “10 Steps to Victory” page above in order to fully understand what you need to do after a slip and fall injury in Indiana.

The 10 Steps will help ensure you recover fair compensation for your injury and they include:

  1. Understand the laws of negligence and premises liability;
  2. Remember to write down exactly where you fell, when and what caused you to fall;
  3. Write it down as soon as you are able to do so;
  4. Keep the clothes and shoes you were wearing and put them somewhere safe;
  5. Ask to fill out an incident report with management if you have been injured on business property (and write down what caused your fall);
  6. Don’t say anything to the store owner other than what caused your fall and what parts of your body are injured;
  7. Take cell phone photos immediately of the site where you fell or have relatives/friends come back and take photos;
  8. See your doctor or emergency room immediately and keep all appointments and follow all orders to get better;
  9. Take cell phone photos of your injuries and how they are healing or have a relative or friend do so;
  10. Hire Shaw Law and Attorney Jeff JJ Shaw — over 30+ experience handling the tough slip and fall cases without one loss.

Have you recently been hurt in a slip and fall accident? Time is of the essence because Indiana statute of limitations laws only allow you to pursue compensation within two years after the injury and accident has occurred. This means that your initial consultation with a dedicated attorney like Jeff Shaw at Shaw Law needs to occur sooner rather than later.

Your initial consultation does not obligate you to file a premises liability claim but might be the important first step to recovering the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and get back on your feet after a devastating injury. The most important thing you can do immediately after a slip and fall accident is to visit the emergency room or your doctor.

Many injured customers underestimate the potential impact of a slip and fall accident and believe that their injuries are minor. Regardless of whether or not you perceive your injuries to be minor, far too many medical conditions such as internal organ damage or concussions might not be readily apparent to the naked eye at the scene of the accident.

Instead you need to be evaluated carefully by a medical professional to rule out more serious diagnoses. After you have gotten medical attention, you also need to gather all of the evidence surrounding the accident itself such as pictures or videos of the dangerous condition, any accident reports that you had to fill out at the scene of the incident, and your medical records.

Document anything and everything that affects your day to day life, including how difficult it is for you to carry out regular activities, how long you missed from work and any additional expense or challenges you face in your day to day life. After you have obtained all of these materials, schedule a consultation with Jeff Shaw at Shaw Law.

At Shaw Law, our goal is to get you back on your feet as soon as possible and to empower you to focus on your recovery during this challenging time. You already have far too many things to worry about in the wake of a serious accident and whether or not you’ll be able to recover compensation shouldn’t be one of them.

Set aside time to talk to an attorney immediately to give yourself the peace of mind that someone is out there advocating for your best interests and will help you get the support that you need. Whether you achieve recovery in settlement or in litigation, you must take action immediately to support your best interests.