Indiana Slip and Fall Lawyers

Restaurant Slip and Fall

Indiana restaurant slip and fall injury attorney like Jeff Shaw is a person who will be there for you when you are suffering from the devastating consequences of being hurt inside a restaurant.

Whether it was a spill that the staff inside the restaurant failed to clean up in fast enough time or another dangerous condition about which you were never warned, sustaining an injury in a restaurant should never be overlooked. In fact, you need to get medical attention as soon as possible for the purposes of ruling out more serious diagnoses and for clarifying evidence if you ultimately intend to file a personal injury claim.

Restaurant slip and fall injuries are unfortunately all too common throughout Indiana. No matter where you had your restaurant slip and fall injury, you need to gather evidence and prepare to present it to an experienced premises liability attorney immediately.

A knowledgeable premises liability lawyer in Indiana like Jeff Shaw, will work as hard as possible to obtain a settlement on your behalf or to prepare your details for litigation in court.

A settlement offer is typically pursued by the other side as soon as possible but only evaluation from your attorney will be able to inform you whether or not this is in your best interests. An attorney can help you understand how the severity of your injuries and medical condition diagnosis contributes to the damages you may be eligible to recover.

A restaurant slip and fall injury lawyer like Jeff Shaw cares about your future and will do everything possible to prepare you for a better and more effective future with the support of a lawyer at your side. There are too many things on the line in terms of your future after sustaining an injury in a restaurant.

You must be able to illustrate that the dangerous condition was so obvious that it should have been known or was indeed known about by the property manager or owner and yet there was no warning sign or other indications that you should have avoided this dangerous obstacle.

When you can illustrate that the injuries you sustained in the slip and fall accident are directly related to a breach of the duty of care owed to you by a premises owner, a premises liability lawsuit is the only opportunity to recover compensation. You cannot count on the goodwill of the property manager or owner or their insurance company to help you recover compensation.

It falls to you as the victim to show the burden of proof about the severity of the injuries you have sustained and to prepare an injury claim immediately. The support of a lawyer is critical when your primary focus needs to be on recovery from your injuries.

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