Our Unique Approach
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Our Unique Approach

Why Us?

Let's face it.

There's a lot of lawyers and attorneys out there asking for your personal injury business.

1. How are We Different?

Simple. We are absolutely committed to maximizing your recovery by keeping up-t-date with the latest courtroom technology and persuasive techniques.

We attend numerous seminars every year dedicated to courtroom psychology of jurors and the best methods to presenting courtroom evidence in a powerful and technological manner.

Simple Powerpoint presentations are part of the past -- we employ interactive courtroom presentations including 3D reproductions of the accident scene.

And we intend to be the first Indiana law firm to use "virtual reality" in an Indiana courtroom. We are working diligently towards that goal.

But, we haven't forgot that the most important person in the courtroom is --you.

We prepare you every step of the way -- before every question -- you will know what is coming. We've found a prepared person is not as nervous and can be a more effective and confident storyteller.

We combine old techniques and the newest technology to get you what you deserve.

2. We Have the Experience Necessary

We've been doing this a long time. The lawyers of McKibben Shaw Law -- the Indiana Slip and Fall Attorneys -- are not "spring chickens" and it shows -- on our faces and in our efforts.

And with age and experience comes a little bit of "know-how."

We love battling the big businesses, insurance companies and their corporate lawyers. We've been doing it for decades.

Like Muhammad Ali the boxer famously said, "It's Not Bragging if You Can Back it Up."

Call us for a FREE list of our case results.

Remember, we don't guarantee a victory -- every case is different. But, we have a method that has worked for us through the years and we follow it.

So, here's things we do a little bit differently than other lawyers:

3. We Visit the Site Where You Fell

As a young lawyer, I learned a harsh lesson about not visiting the site of an accident.

During one of my jury trials, I asked a question concerning the road where the collision had occurred.

I asked about an intersection where a road lane markings had been. The witness corrected me and insisted that the markings were different at the time of the wreck. He was right and I was wrong because I hadn't visited the site.

We still won that case, but it taught me a lesson -- always visit the site where the injury occurred.

You'd be surprised how many personal injury lawyers still rely upon photographs or other depictions without visiting the site where the injury occurred.

There's something inherently invaluable in seeing the area -- the questions you ask in court just make more sense -- in a way, it's metaphysical.

One wrongful death jury trial, the defendant truck driver insisted he had nowhere to get off the road during a snowstorm -- so he plowed ahead and killed my client. But, unknown to him, we had visited the entire trek he took that day -- many miles of travel. During trial, I was able to recall an abandoned gas station with a large parking lot about a few miles before the wreck. During cross-examination he had to admit the abandoned gas station existed and he was capable of stopping. It was a big moment in our case.

4. We do Real Investigations -- We do not Just Send out "Forms"

You'd be surprised how many lawyers just send out "form" questions to investigate what happened in the investigation of your case. The answers received back are often meaningless.

It's probably done to save time.

We don't do that. We listen to you about what really happened and when we send out written questions to the other side (often called "interrogatories"), we do it to find out real details of what really happened.

The same goes for oral examinations before trial called "depositions." We ask real questions -- not off some pre-printed form. We prepare for a deposition like the mini-trial it truly is.

5. We Research the Current Laws

This one might be academic or obvious -- we research the current law in your case.

You wouldn't hire an attorney who doesn't "know" the laws, right? You'd be shocked to know that not every attorney keeps up-to-date.

Well, in all fairness, it's a tricky business. Laws come in many formats -- statute books, regulations and other cases -- and it can be a difficult, time-consuming task to keep abreast of all the ever-changing laws.

We try our best.

6. We use the Latest Techniques on all Slip and Fall Cases

I don't just mean we try hard. But we do try hard. And although results cannot be guaranteed, our effort can be.

Even though we have decades of experience and extensive contacts with expert witnesses throughout the nation on the cutting edge of standards of care or reconstruction -- we still keep up with new and evolving techniques to win slip and fall and any personal injury case.

In fact, in just the prior 3 years, we've attended dozens of hours of seminars from some of the nation's leading lawyers and learned new discovery techniques that have helped us win cases and increase the value of those cases.

This includes a relatively new and evolving area of law known as the Trial Rule 30(b)6 deposition technique -- a method of investigating slip and falls by asking the corporation or business entity to come into a recorded interview and divulge all facts and opinions it currently has or should have. It's a fascinating technique that has made me a better lawyer and helps you win your case.

7. We Love Our Job and We Love to Win

We love what we do. We consider this a noble profession that helps others in need. It's what we live for.

Whenever you are hurt by a business, we make it our business to help. Call us today!


Read Our 5-Star Reviews
  • Not just the lawyers you need, but the lawyers you WANT.

    “The attorneys at McKibben Shaw Law are absolutely exceptional. From the consultation: which was much more information and help than any of the other (9) Law offices I consulted with, to the one-on-one ...”

    - Tristen K
  • Jeff Shaw was Very Professional

    “I would highly recommend using Jeff Shaw as your attorney. He is very professional and nice and cares about getting you the best results. He was very helpful in my case. He worked 24/7 to take care of ...”

    - Shelby Kunes
  • Attorney Shaw got me a fair settlement, much more than I thought we were going to get.

    “McKibben Shaw Law handled our case in a caring and professional manner. Attorney Shaw let us know what was happening with each step of the process. He was available to talk to us at anytime. Including ...”

    - Randy & Kathy M
  • I Told Him He Now Felt Like a Member of Our Family More Than Our Attorney.

    “Mr. Shaw told me from the beginning that he would be willing to help me and my husband get justice. Through every step of the way, he explained what was happening and why.”

    - Stephanie B.
  • Your Law Firm Is Number One in Indiana. You Receive an A+ in My Book.

    “I was very satisfied with the outcome. Your law firm is number one in Indiana. You have a very kind, professional attitude that's full of compassion. You receive an A+ in my book. Thanks again for all your help.”

    - April H.


  • $5,000,000 Verdict in Indianapolis, IN

    Bicyclist Struck by Indianapolis School Bus (independent contractor) Awarded $5M by Indianapolis Jury (Upheld by Verdict, $4.4M Paid)

  • $3,040,000 Verdict in Gary, IN

    Blackjack Dealer Awarded for Slip and Fall on Ice in Trump Casino Parking Lot

  • $1,750,000 Verdict in Hammond, IN

    Child Dies in Fire, Landlord Failed to Provide Adequate Smoke Detectors

  • $1,460,000 Verdict Near the Ozarks of Missouri

    Sheriff's Deputy who Collides With Improperly Transported Manufactured Home Convoy

  • $750,000 Settlement for Paralyzed Man Shot at Indy Gas Station

    Man Shot and Paralyzed at Gas Station by Unknown Assailant from Unruly Crowd That Gathered After Murder of Person the Night Before at Same Site

  • $750,000 Settlement in Indianapolis, IN

    $750,000 Settlement Slip and Fall Indianapolis Woman Falls on Water in Produce Section of Indianapolis Grocery Store Breaking Leg.

  • $750,000 $750,000 Verdict in Delphi, IN

    $750,000 Verdict for Lady in Golf Cart Struck by Drunk Driver Awarded by Jury in Carroll County

  • $605,000 $605,000 Verdict in Valparaiso, IN

    $605,000 Verdict - Child Awarded for Facial Scarring When Landlord Failed to Cover Exposed Hot Water Pipe in Living Room

  • $500,000 $500,000 Verdict in Kokomo

    $500,000 Verdict for Woman Slip and Fall in Domino's Pizza Restaurant on Water (Reduced to $375,000)

  • $500,000 $500,000 Settlement in Bluffton, IN

    $500,000 Wrongful Death Settlement in Bluffton, Indiana for Woman Killed When She Crossed Center-Line Into Path of Oncoming Speeding Semi-Truck



  • Work Directly With Your Attorney

    When you call us you will get to work directly with our experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyer.

  • We Maximize Your Recovery

    Our firm has obtained millions of dollars in compensation for our clients and we work to get you your maximum results.

  • We Get You Back On Your Feet

    When you have been injured it can seem like your world is falling apart beneath you. Our team dedicates our life to help you get back on your feet and recover.

  • Fully Transparent

    We make sure that you and your family are constantly up to date with the status of your case. We even developed an app that you can use to track your case's status.

simply. powerful.

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