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Slip and Falls at a Home Improvement Store

So, you've fallen and injured yourself at a home improvement store. Now what do you do?

The most important step is calling the right attorney.

Shaw Law Office Attorney Jeff Shaw has handled dozens of slip and falls against these home improvement stores likes Menard's, Home Depot, Lowe's and others such as True Value and Ace Hardware stores -- both big and small -- in Indiana throughout the decades. But, for some unknown reasons, these home improvement stores can have some of the shoddiest property management and safety-taking measures of all the retail industry stores in Indiana.

These cases involve slip and falls both in the parking lots outside and communal areas inside.

There are literally all types of home improvement stores -- some huge, national, multi-city, stores and small hardware stores owned by a Mom and Pop team of well-meaning, but sometimes overmatched individuals or couples. And because there are so many different types of hardware and home improvement store owners, there are different types of safety measures taken by them.

Before you can recover anything for your injuries, you must still prove that the business was "at fault." Figuring out whether the property owner is at fault for your slip and fall is done on a case-by-case basis by a court or jury. In most instances for customers on a business property, you must prove the landowner did not act reasonably by breaching its duty to you of being "careful" like a normal business or person would be after inviting you on its property to shop or browse.

For home improvement stores, and most grocery stores there are 4 typical instances how and where customers slip and fall or are injured:

  • On the sidewalk or parking lot where snow and ice can accumulate
  • Around where liquids are handled by customers and dropped, like milk and water aisles
  • Heavy items that are stocked high where customers try themselves to get those items for purchase
  • Near the entrances where outside wetness like rain and snow can be tracked inside by multiple customers

You'd assume that a home improvement store would have safe aisles and parking lots for customers.

After all, the employees and management don't have to travel far to find safety items such as melting agents or salt or snow shovels. These items can be found in the aisles where they sell the same to customers.

Some of the huge national chains have their own internal employee/janitorial or snow/ice removal and maintenance crews. Some others hire big property managers to take care of safety during snowy and icy weather. Others merely hire a local guy or local snow plow company to come plow when snow accumulates to a certain level (usually most contracts call for a snow plow operator to come out when snow accumulates to 2 inches or more in the parking lots).

But they all have unique problems. For example, how can a parking lot ever been cleared or plowed correctly when customers have automobiles and cars on those same parking lots at all times of day and night?

Is it enough to simply hire a local guy or local company to come and plow parking lots?

Let us help answer these questions for you.

Common Locations
  • Home Depot
  • Menards
  • Lowe's

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