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Negligent Security

Here at Shaw Law we believe that nearly every injury is preventable. Most "accidents" are really somebody failing to follow the safest choice available. You should not have to bear the brunt of the negligence of someone else.

Sometimes that includes when a person is hurt or injured by other customers or patrons of a business.

The lack of adequate security at stores and bars or taverns occurs on a routine basis. This lack of adequate security can lead to you being injured -- something you didn't anticipate or bargain for when entering the property of another person or business.

The laws in Indiana regarding negligent security change rapidly. Recently, an Indiana Supreme Court case helped define what is "negligent security" under Indiana law. My blog post on this website in December, 2016 talks about that case in detail. Simply click on the Blog heading above and read the analysis, if you wish.

The Indiana Supreme Court has made it harder than ever to recover for negligent security cases. In fact, the language expressly used by the Supreme Court says that "no shooting is ever foreseeable" at a business. We are trying our best to change that law.

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