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Do I Need a Lawyer in a Premises Liability Case?

Hurt on someone else's property in Indiana and not sure of your next steps and what you should do to protect your interests?

The homeowner may approach you directly with an offer to settle this case outside of court, or the homeowners' insurance company representing that person or those individuals could offer you a settlement early on this case.

However, without the support of an experienced Indiana premises liability lawyer like Jeff Shaw, you could expose yourself to a number of different types of risks such as accepting a settlement offer that is far too low for the injuries you have sustained.

The Dangers of Taking a Settlement Offer from a Property Owner

If you accept a settlement offer early in a case and it does not fully or fairly compensate you for the accident and the resulting injuries, you may have problems that follow you for many years to come and be financially responsible for paying your medical bills after you have tapped through the entirety of the settlement offer. Only an Indiana premises liability lawyer can give you further information about whether or not a settlement offer is fair and help you to gather any evidence and information that may be used in your favor during settlement negotiations or in litigation.

Hiring an Attorney to Help with Compensation Recovery

An Indiana premises liability lawyer like Jeff Shaw takes your case with care from the beginning and helps you to fight for maximum compensation while the majority of your time is spent in recovery and following your doctor’s orders. With a lawyer on your side, you can skip many of the common obstacles and mistakes that people encounter in premises liability cases and know that you are being taken care of.

Your attorney will help you to decide whether an end to the case is within your best interests and help you to respond and manage requests, questions and phone calls from the homeowners' insurance company or other stakeholders involved in your premises liability claim. In every phase and aspect of your case, it is essential to have an attorney who knows the lay of the land and one who can help you to recover as much funds as possible for your pain and suffering, lost wages, other expenses directly linked to the accident.

If you find yourself in this position, it is a major error to try to navigate a premises liability claim in Indiana on your own. You must have the support of an attorney to maximize your chances of recovery.

All paperwork should be carefully reviewed. Never accept something presented to you by another lawyer, the property owner, or the property owner’s insurance company without doing your own research about what that paper means. The fine print of a settlement is not easy to understand, but signing away your rights is an issue you’ll want to avoid at all stages of your case. You can show the other side you’re serious about your claim by hiring a lawyer like Jeff Shaw.

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