If You Slip & Fall, Will You Know What to Do?

Faulty stairs, freshly mopped or waxed floors with no visible warnings, ice, snow, cracked sidewalks, spills—there are an infinite number of causes for slip and fall accidents. If you’re moving, a slip and fall injury can happen. Sometimes injuries happen due to our own carelessness, or an error in judgment; we’ve all experienced that terrifying moment when you simply trip over your own feet, drag your feet and stumble, etc. and nearly fall flat on your face. It’s an awful experience, but it’s part of life and it happens.

Fortunately, our bodies and brains compensate and coordinate an emergency action, such as a quick step or hand grab, that helps us to avoid the painful fall just in the nick of time. But accidents are not always avoidable, and many times they are not our fault. When an accident happens, such as a slip and fall accident, and it is due to the negligence of another party, be they an individual or a company, etc., you need to hire a slip and fall lawyer right away. An experienced slip and fall lawyer will not only know the law but have the prowess to use it to your advantage in Indiana.

Every year in Indiana, innocent people are injured, and injuries can be incredibly expensive. From emergency room visits and emergency transportation; to follow-up doctor and hospital visits; to long term care; lost wages from missed work days, weeks, or even months; to insurance premium increases, and more—the costs can be overwhelming. And what would you do if your injury rendered you unable to return to work ever—if your injury made it impossible for you to continue performing your job? Would you be able to simply switch careers in an instant? Most people would not, and thus you could be looking at a massive decrease in monthly income in addition to every other cost.

Finding a skilled slip and fall lawyer in Indiana should be high on your priority list if you’re injured, because you don’t want to see your financial future destroyed due to an injury that was someone else’s fault.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

If you have suffered a severe or life-threatening injury, by all means, get emergency medical attention immediately. Your life is precious and there is nothing more important than your health. Don’t take risks with your health. And sometimes injuries may go unnoticed but could present later. The rule of thumb should be, if you slip and fall, get a professional medical opinion, even if you think you’re ‘okay,’ because your health and well being should never be an afterthought. Take care of yourself.

Report the Accident

If you slip and fall, or trip and then fall, you should make contact with the owner of the property or property manager, building manager, etc., and report your accident. If you were injured on city or county property (public property), report it to city, county, or town officials, on the day the accident occurs if at all possible. The sooner you report, the better position you will be in, when you seek compensation for your injury. Delayed reporting could create doubt about the credibility of your reported injury. Don’t give insurers or negligent parties an advantage from the start, report your accident immediately if possible. Whether you have witnesses or not, you need to report your accident right away. Consult with your slip and fall lawyer in Indiana.

Witnesses & Photo Documentation

If you have any witnesses who can provide information, be sure to write down their names and contact information as their testimony could prove to be incredibly valuable for securing injury compensation. Additionally, photo documentation is also critically important, therefore you should take a large number of photos of your accident scene, immediately following your accident if at all possible. Scenes can change over time, and often quickly, especially in cases that involve snow or ice, so document your accident scene from every angle.
Inform All Attending Health Care Personnel

If you see a doctor, visit an ER, or go to a medical clinic after your accident, which we encourage you to do always, make sure that you inform all medical personnel that you have come because of your accident. If you don’t specifically name your accident as the reason for your visit and need for care, then it may go unreported in your medical records, and if it goes unreported, you will have created an angle for an insurer to pursue, and thus try to avoid compensating you. Tell your nurse, tell your doctor, tell your ER attending physician, and get your accident reported in your medical report.

Be Cautious About Requests to Fill Out Accident Report Forms

Sometimes a property owner may ask you to fill out their accident report form. We strongly advise you to seek counsel from your slip and fall lawyer in Indiana before filling out any such form, but if you do choose to fill it out on your own, take your time and be sure to fill it out accurately. Fully explain how you were injured, and be accurate. This report will likely be revisited when you seek compensation for your injuries, and if there is anything on the report that insurers can use to shirk their responsibilities and avoid compensating you, they will. Insurers often use every advantage they can find, because insurance companies prefer to make money, than to pay it out.

Never feel pressured to fill out any forms. Contact us and let us be your advocate. We are the slip and fall law firm in Indiana that people consistently choose to represent them. When you need a lawyer, contact us.

Never Give Taped or Recorded Statements to Insurers

Immediately following, or soon after your accident, you may be contacted by an insurance adjuster. The adjuster would certainly like you to put something down on record, such as a recorded statement describing your accident and any injuries you sustained, but you are not required to do this, and as your slip and fall lawyer in Indiana we would discourage you from giving any recorded statements, because a slip of the tongue could jeopardize your slip and fall, meaning anything you say could be misconstrued or used as proof that your accident was not as severe as you stated, or did not happen how or where you stated.

Don’t help the insurance company in their efforts to deny you the compensation you deserve. Avoid making any recorded statements unless you are being counseled by your slip and fall lawyer in Indiana and he or she has decided you should do so.

Indiana Slip & Fall Lawyer | Shaw Law, Indiana Slip and Fall Attorneys

If you slip and fall, you’ll need to take actions to protect yourself physically and financially. You will be your own best, and first, advocate in the moment of your injury by being prepared and knowing what to do. And when you meet with us and bring us on board to defend your rights, we’ll take the baton and finish the race for you, as your advocate the whole way through.

We never stop working for our clients and that is why our firm, Shaw Law, Indiana Slip and Fall Attorneys, has an impeccable reputation and incredible track record of success. We are your slip and fall lawyer in Indiana. We win cases, and we get you compensated. Call us right away if you are injured and let us get to work immediately, fighting for your rights.