Slip and Falls Are on the Rise

Think about this for a moment.

The largest taxi service in the world doesn’t own a single car — Uber.

The largest hotel chain in the world doesn’t own a single hotel – Airbnb.

And when Apple and Google finally implement their computer software into vehicles starting in 2020, the legal industry as we know it will change forever.  Accidents and collisions will dwindle.  Insurance companies will fold and scatter to the winds.  Car repair shops, mechanics, and auto dealers will become dust in the wind.  A few auto manufacturers will survive.  Some might even try and sell the “old time” experience of driving your own car.

But the auto accident case as attorneys know it, will become a thing of the past.

That’s why here at Shaw Law, we concentrate in premises liability cases.  Slip and falls, negligent security, injuries that occur on real property.  Shaw Law has not lost a single slip and fall jury trial in over 27+ years of litigation.  Not one.

There are many requirements that go into winning a slip and fall or slip and trip case.  Ice and snow in parking lots is a major cause of injuries.  People still go to work. They still visit stores and restaurants.  They still slip and trip on liquids and substances on floors.  They trip over entrance mats.  They trip on raised mats. They slip on slick or slippery floors.  They often are not warned of the unreasonably dangerous conditions in a premises liability case.

These cases are going to become vital to lawyers in the future.

After all, so far there is no app to control the weather.