Indiana Slip and Fall Lawyers

What to do After Trip and Fall Accidents in a Balcony, Deck, or Porch

Did you know that a homeowner, landlord or other person could be held accountable for balcony, deck and porch accidents that occur across Indiana? The critical elements of a premises liability claim like this involve whether or not you can show that the property owner had a duty of care to you as a visitor, and that he or she breached this and caused you to suffer critical injuries in a slip and fall accident.

If you can show this in your legal claim, you might be able to recover full and fair compensation for your injuries. It is often hard for people who have suffered in a slip and fall accident to realize the many different repercussions that their initial actions can have.

For example, they might forego going to the doctor because they don't believe they have been seriously hurt, but suffering with a headache or neck pain days after the accident might prompt them to finally get medical attention. What they perceive to be minimizing unnecessary trips to the doctor could be interpreted by the involved insurance company as a lack of severe injury.

When the odds feel as though they are stacked against you and the stakes are extremely high in a premises liability case, it is essential to retain the services of an Indiana premises liability lawyer who won't back down and who will help you when you encounter any of these challenges.

At Shaw Law, we recognize the many ways that your life has been altered because of a preventable accident. This is why we work hard on behalf of those who have been injured to assist you with preparation of a full and comprehensive claim for recovery.

You may not understand the road ahead of you, but it is our job to explain to you what to anticipate so that you feel confident about the way that your case is managed by an attorney.

No one should have to suffer in a slip and fall accident, but when this happens and it is due to no fault of your own, make sure that you consult directly with a lawyer who will do everything possible to assist you with recovery of your compensation.

Balconies, steps and porches may all be manufactured inappropriately and if you can show that the property owner should have been aware of the dangerous condition, or was aware that there were problems due to improper maintenance on the balcony, deck or porch and failed to correct this, you might have a strong premises liability claim.

It is critical to gather evidence immediately after the incident occurs, even if you are not yet sure that you're going to file a legal claim. One of the biggest mistakes that an accident victim can make is to accept a settlement proffered directly from the homeowner responsible for the accident or the homeowner's insurance company early on in the case.

Until you know the true extent of your injuries and the potential ways that this could shape your life, you are not clear about how to best proceed and to protect your interests. This is why it is imperative to retain a lawyer who understands the many ways that your life has been turned upside down after a slip and fall accident.

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