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Spilled Liquids or Produce on Floors

A spilled liquid in grocery store Indiana accident lawyer can help you if you recently fell down in a grocery store and suffered serious injuries as a result of the accident. Spilled liquid in a grocery store should always be avoided where possible but should also be cleaned up properly in order to avoid catastrophic injuries and accidents that can result.

At Shaw Law Offices, we know how hard it can be to fall in a grocery store and to not get the support you need from the store management after you’ve been injured on their property. We give your case the attention it needs.

If you fell due to spilled liquid in a grocery store anywhere in Indiana, you could be eligible to pursue compensation with the help of an experienced premises liability lawyer. Spilled liquids should always be clearly marked with a warning sign if they cannot be cleaned up immediately.

The Most Important Factor in Spilled Liquids in Grocery Stores is "Notice."

That's because Indiana law protects landowners from liability if it did not have "notice" that the dangerous condition occurred for a long enough period of time to fix it, mop it or otherwise remove it from customers' way.

This defense does not exist if the spill was due to the grocery store or landowner. For example, a very common cause of slip and falls in grocery stores is when a cooler or refrigerator begins to defrost or otherwise leak liquids.

In those situations, the grocery store was the cause of the spill -- so it does not get to argue to the court that it did not have adequate "notice" of the problem. In other words, if they caused it, they must be knowledgeable about it.

Policy and Guidelines are Important Considerations, Even if Those Guidelines are Drafted by the Business Itself

Policies and guidelines made by the store itself is also another important consideration when considering liability of the landowner.

It is proper for a store to have a clear procedure to dispatch somebody to the scene of the spilled liquid in order to clean it up as soon as possible. This helps to prevent catastrophic injuries and accidents tied to spilled liquid in a grocery store. When a grocery store manager or owner fails to clean this up appropriately, this can lead to catastrophic accidents, injuries and damages.

If the store or business owner does not follow its own guidelines instituted in order to keep its premises safe, then a jury might consider that failure to be an indication of fault or "negligence." Attorney Jeff JJ Shaw has taken the recorded statements (depositions) of many risk managers at grocery stores who admit that drafting guidelines and following guidelines is important for a store to maintain a safe premises for customers, employees and others on the property.

The support of an experienced premises liability lawyer can assist you if you believe you need to file a personal injury claim associated with spilled liquid in a grocery store.

The grocery store might try to settle with you directly and offer you compensation that you are not sure fully pays you for the injuries you have sustained. As a result of these costly mistakes that could wind up affecting your future for many years, you need an Indiana premises liability lawyer who is knowledgeable about spilled liquid in a grocery store and when this can translate to recovery in a personal injury or premises liability claim.

If you slipped and fell in a grocery store after a spill was reported to the store and they failed to clean it up properly or when dangerous conditions created directly by the store managers, supervisors, or employees caused liquid to spill all over the ground, if you fall and hit your head or hurt your back, you could be facing catastrophic injuries and consequences.

No person should have to find themselves in this position and this is why Indiana premises liability law allows those who are catastrophically hurt to file a claim to recover compensation and hold the necessary grocery store owner or other managers accountable.

The support of a lawyer is extremely important for being able to pursue maximum compensation and ensuring that your focus can remain on getting the medical care you so desperately need after such an incident. Your attorney will work hard to negotiate on your behalf in order to recover a settlement in your best interests and if he or she is not successful in obtaining a settlement, his or her focus will primarily be applied to the process of fighting for you in litigation. Spilled liquid in a grocery store should never happen but when it does, you deserve the support of an attorney.

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