Indiana Slip and Fall Lawyers

Slips And Fall Accidents

You’ve fallen at a store or in parking lot and you are embarrassed. You quickly look around to see if anyone saw you, hoping that nobody witnessed your fall. It’s so humiliating. Your face is turning red and you’ve dropped what you were holding in your hands. Then, you begin to notice that your back is starting to ache, your head is starting to throb, or your leg or ankle doesn’t feel quite right. As you start to try to push yourself up off the ground, the pain worsens.

Now, you wish someone was around to help you. That’s when you see the water, the ice, or the item on the ground that caused your fall. You didn’t know it was there. There were no warning signs or cones to tell you that danger was lurking. You start to get angry. Why should you be the one who must pay the medical bills that are coming? Why must your family be without your income for a lengthy amount of time?

What are you to do? Call Shaw Law. The attorneys at Shaw Law are known as Indiana’s top slip and fall attorneys for good reason: we have been handling them for over 30 years and we have never lost a single case at trial. We handle more than just slip and fall cases. We expertly handle all types of personal injury and business liability cases. If you are injured by a business or corporation or on the property of a business, corporation, or establishment in Indiana, call or text Shaw Law’s personal injury attorneys at (877) 225-5742.

Where Do You Accept Cases?

We serve the entire State of Indiana. We have local offices in Valparaiso, Elkhart, and Noblesville. You can have a face-to-face meeting at any time, at your convenience, within minutes; we have Facebook Portal, Amazon Echo Show, Skype, and FaceTime. We also offer texting and email. We are here, at your convenience, for all of Indiana.

Who Will Handle My Case?

When you hire Shaw Law, you get Jeff Shaw, Attorney at Law. Shaw has handled thousands of cases throughout his 30-plus-year career and has seen over 100 victories in the courtroom. Attorney Shaw will personally oversee your entire case and is actively involved at all stages. You also have our professional staff, from receptionists to paralegals, who can answer any question about your case 24 hours a day. No personal injury firm is more technologically available.

How Much Do You Charge?

We never charge a fee upfront. There are NO FEES UNTIL YOU WIN. Even after a win, our fee is a very reasonable percentage of your overall recovery, plus expenses.

How Often Will I Get Updates About My Case?

Shaw Law Offices is home of the EZ-CASE™ app for your Android or iPhone. You can see 24/7 updates and the live status of your case, including its current estimated value and the estimated completion date. No other personal injury attorney in Indiana offers this service to their clients.

Must My Case Go To Trial?

Statistics show that most cases result in a settlement outside of court. In fact, most Indiana courts and judges require mandatory settlement conferences before any trial date is approved. Most mediations settle for personal injury cases in Indiana but our attorneys never back down from a fight. If we don’t get a fair settlement offer, we will be prepared to go to trial.

Jeff “JJ” Shaw, Attorney at Law, has been handling slip and fall cases throughout Indiana for over 30 years. He has helped Hoosiers recover over $16 million dollars in verdicts and settlements over the past five years alone. Better yet, Shaw Law has never lost a single slip and fall jury trial in over 30 years of litigating premises liability cases; not a single one.

Shaw Law has three regional offices throughout Indiana to help all Indiana residents recover on any personal injury matter. We use the latest technological advances in the field and in the courtroom to help get you the compensation you deserve when you have been injured by the carelessness of a business or a corporation who did not follow simple safety rules.

With the Shaw Law fair fee guarantee, we will charge absolutely no fees until we win. And, if the day should ever come where there is a loss at a jury trial, we will charge no fee nor send you any bill for reimbursement. That is how confident we are at Shaw Law that we can help you get the compensation and justice you deserve when you are injured on another’s property by their carelessness and negligence. When you’ve suffered an unexpected injury at no fault of your own, you deserve the best. Call Shaw Law at (877) 225-5742 today!

Client Reviews
"I sought consultation from Shaw Law concerning my accident, which I know now is the best decision I could have made." Charles J.
"Mr. Shaw was a complete professional in the handling of our case. He kept us informed on every aspect of the case from start to finish." Chappie H.
"Thank you so much for all your expertise concerning my fall. I really do not know how I could have settled matters without you. I really appreciate the check." Dominique P.
"Mr. Shaw was incredibly helpful and more than willing to explain how he was thinking each step of the way. His diligence in returning my communications and exploring my legal options was greatly appreciated." Michael R.
"I was very satisfied with the outcome. Your law firm is number one in Indiana. You have a very kind, professional attitude that's full of compassion." April H.