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A person who is injured in a slip and fall in Indiana can have many questions.

  • How did this happen?
  • Is it my fault?
  • Can I recover for my injuries suffered from the landowner or somebody else?

These are all good questions. And we here at Shaw Law Offices, Attorney Jeff JJ Shaw, try our best below to answer some of the most common and basic questions a person can have after a slip and fall, trip and fall, or premises liability case.

You might have heard that slip and fall cases are the most difficult of all the different “negligence” cases to win compensation. This is generally true. Statistics show that over 70% of all slip-and-fall cases that go to a jury verdict result in a finding for the defendant — which leaves the injured person with zero $0.

Shaw Law Offices breaks the mold. In our over 30+ years of experience, we have not lost a single slip and fall or trip and fall verdict — not one, not once, never. One reason for this incredible winning streak is our intense preparation before the trial. We use every discovery and investigation technique that is available to a personal injury law firm to determine if the landowner or business own did a reasonable attempt to keep its land free from dangerous defects. Remember, Indiana premises liability law does not require that a landowner keep its property free from “all” dangerous defects (for example, everyone can agree that snow and ice are dangerous substances to walk upon, but it is virtually impossible for an Indiana landowner to keep its property free from ice and snow). Indiana courts only require the landowner to make a “reasonable” effort to keep its property free from dangerous defects. This means that a person who falls on ice and snow in a parking lot must prove the landowner was not “reasonable” in its attempts to keep the property safe for customers.

At Shaw Law Offices, we issue subpoenas, requests for production of documents, and corporate depositions to acquire and inquire about the procedures and guidelines that landowners and businesses use to keep the property safe. If our investigation reveals the landowners did not inspect their property regularly or plow/maintain its parking lots on a timely basis, then we can argue to a Judge and jury that the procedures used were not “reasonable.” And, so far, juries have agreed with our assessment each jury trial we have won.

As you read through the questions and answers below, you might start to have some of your own questions. Feel free to call or text Shaw Law Offices at (877) 225-5742 to ask a question. You will get an immediate and personalized response — not some chat-bot or other robotic response.

Because at Shaw Law Offices, we still believe that “personal” injuries mean exactly that — a “personal” touch is required. That’s why we have the “EZ-Case” iPhone app which shows you at a moment’s notice by pushing a button on your smart phone BOTH (1) the estimated value of your personal injury claim; and (2) when we think it might be done.

We are the only Indiana personal injury law firm that is willing to give this information to a client 24/7, rather than waiting for a letter or telephone call.

Now you can see your case status when you need it — not when your lawyer says you are allowed to.

Jeffrey Shaw, Esq.

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