What can be Recovered if a Loved One Dies Due to the Fault of a Business or Person?

Nothing in life prepares us for the loss of a loved one.

And it's made worse when the loved one we have lost is due to the carelessness or negligence of another person or business.

That's when you need experienced wrongful death attorneys to explain the myriad of laws in Indiana to help you and your family.

Here, at Shaw Law Offices, we have handled wrongful death cases since the early 1990s.

And we know that damages or recovery for the loss of a loved one is a challenging legal concept in Indiana.

That's because there are all types of people who can die because of the negligence of another -- parents, working people, married and unmarried people over 21, and worst of all: children.

Indiana laws have been written to address the recoverable damages for all different types of deceased people based upon certain criteria such as their age, dependents and marital status.

Let's examine a few of the different ways Indiana handles wrongful death recovery.

The Basics of Wrongful Death Recovery

First, it's important to know that in older times, there was no recovery for wrongful death.  If somebody died due to the negligence of another person, there was nothing anybody could do in a court of law to help.

It's important to understand that basic history, because it means that Wrongful Death Laws are completely 100% statutory in Indiana.  That means all potential recovery must be found in the various Indiana Wrongful Death statutes and cannot be "made up" as you go.  In short, your recovery is confined to what is available in the written statute itself.

Here's a link to an explanation of Indiana wrongful death law.

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