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An Indiana broken pelvis or other pelvic injury slip and fall lawyer is the first person you should contact after you have been injured. At Shaw Law, we work hard to get you back on your feet when you have sustained a pelvic injury or other medical conditions because of another person's negligence on their personal property.

When customers of retailers, restaurants and other business sustain slip and fall injuries due to unsafe premises, those victims are eligible to pursue legal action against the responsible property owner or manager. One type of serious injury that may be sustained by someone in a slip and fall accident is known as a pelvic fracture or pelvic injury.

While pelvic injuries may not be as common in slip and fall accidents as they are in traditional vehicle accidents, far too many slip and fall accident victims across Indiana have sustained a pelvic injury due to a hard fall.

Anytime that a person falls to the ground, they can sustain significant force on their pelvis. As the fall force increases, so too does the chance of a pelvic injury. The pelvic bone is a ring of five different bones that protect the bladder, intestines, pelvic floor muscles and the rectum.

The primary purpose of the pelvic bone is to stabilize the body. When it is hit just right, a pelvic fracture can occur, and this can be very severe. There are too primary types of pelvic fractures. The first is known as an unstable fracture, which happens when two or more breaks occur in the pelvic bone.

The biggest issue for patients who have sustained an unstable pelvic fracture is that massive amounts of internal bleeding can occur. The second type of common pelvic injury in a slip and fall accident in Indiana is a stable fracture. This happens when the bone stays together and when limited bleeding occurs.

A person who sustains a stable pelvic fracture might be treated by minimizing weight on the bone and resting. In some cases, a person may be able to heal without going through surgery. It is possible for slip and fall accident victims in Indiana to sustain severe damage to their pelvis, and this is why it is so important to immediately seek medical attention and to gather evidence that could illustrate that unsafe premises were the cause of the accident.

You might need to collect money for surgery, tests, physical therapy, crutches, loss of services, pain and suffering, and lost income. Since businesses and their insurance companies will often work hard to deny slip and fall accident claims in Indiana and across the country, it is in your best interests to retain an experienced slip and fall lawyer like a Jeff Shaw to help you recover maximum compensation when you have been hurt on another person's property.

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