"Better Call Shaw" is more than just a snappy, pop reference to a TV show.  It's also a helpful reminder to call an experienced, compassionate attorney -- Jeff Shaw.

Jeff Shaw has experience that few other attorneys can match.

His story is a long one.

While attending law school at the Indiana University, Maurer School of Law, he was able to clerk with Henry Wade in Dallas, Texas, best known as the defendant in the famous Roe v. Wade abortion case and the Prosecuting Attorney of Jack Ruby for his murder of Lee Harvey Oswald in the days following the President Kennedy assassination. Shaw spent many days talking to Wade about Texas law and the importance of big cases.

The experience was something Shaw never forgot as he learned invaluable tips from the famous attorney on the practice of law and how to be someone a jury could trust.

Soon after law school, Shaw followed in Mr. Wade's path and became a Deputy Prosecutor, where he tried 100+ of cases in front of juries and Judges in Indiana. He learned the sometimes tricky rules of evidence. More importantly, Shaw learned how to win the trust of a jury by being honest about the facts of the case.

Later, Shaw switched interests to helping people who got hurt by the fault of others.

Shaw joined the largest insurance defense firm in Northern Indiana -- Spangler, Jennings & Dougherty, P.C.  This gave Shaw the opportunity to work for various insurance companies on all types of personal injury cases, such as State Farm Insurance Company, Farm Bureau Ins. Co., Allstate Ins. Co., Farmers Ins. Co., Progressive Ins. Co. and many others.  He saw how the insurance companies treated people who were injured by the fault of others and he didn't like what he saw.

So, Shaw decided to start helping the "little guy" against the corporations.  While at Spangler Law Firm, Jeff met his friend and current colleague, Attorney David Phillips. The attorneys branched out and started their own personal injury law firm, Shaw and Phillips, in Porter County, Indiana, which achieved much.  Call us for a FREE list of case results today.  Shaw recovered for clients over $18,000,000 in verdicts/settlements for his clients since 2012.

In his career of over 25+ years, Shaw has tried over 100+ trials (bench and jury).

Better Call Shaw

Shaw has established a state-wide reputation for fierceness in the court room, mixed with good humor.