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Our Policies

It's Easy to Hire Us no Matter What Your Situation
  1. Will you come see me at my home or in the hospital?
    Yes. The days of the old lawyer sitting in his office chair and waiting for the clients to come to him are over. We will visit you anytime, anywhere. At no charge to you.
  2. Will you bill me and expect me to pay the expenses on my file in addition to my fee?
    No. You will never receive a bill. The only time we talk about fees is when your case settles or when we win in court.
  3. Can you help me get my crash or accident report?
    Yes. It's easy. I'll help. If you need it early, simply go to the police station that investigated your case or see
  4. The Insurance Adjuster for the other driver is calling me. Should I talk to him? I heard it helps my settlement possibility.
    No. Not until you see us first. There's a time to talk, but it isn't until you have help. Some things you say could be recorded and used later against your interests.
  5. The Other Driver's Insurance Company told me I don't have a case because I didn't go to the hospital or the crash report says I wasn't injured. Is that true?
    No. You still might have a very good case. Come in and talk for FREE.
  6. How Much is My Case Worth?
    Maybe a lot. One thing is for sure. If you follow my advice, you stand a much better chance of maximizing the potential recovery on your case.
  7. How Long Will This Take?
    We do things FAST. We do two things at Shaw Law that really accelerate personal injury cases -- we file your lawsuit immediately if it looks like a fair settlement won't happen. Some law firms wait until the Statute of Limitations is about to run out.
    The other thing we do we learned a long time ago -- soon after filing the initial Complaint for Damages -- we file "The Holy Trinity" with the Court -- our own designed motions to accelerate the process and get a court date and settlement conference at the first opportunity the Court has available.
    Why wait for years doing nothing?
    We do not let cases sit on our desks.
  8. I already have an attorney, but she isn't doing much. Can I switch attorneys and hire Shaw Law? Do I have to pay double the fees?
    Yes, you can hire us. No, you won't pay double fees -- only one fee. The law protects you in this area.
    If you already hired another attorney for your wrongful death or injury case and you are not happy with the communication or results or offers, then it is FREE to talk. It is very important to be comfortable and trust your personal injury attorney -- nothing is more important.
    If you decide a switch is in your best interest, then our law firm policy is to pay any liens or expenses associated with the former lawyer out of the settlement or verdict you could receive with us.
    If there is no future recovery, then there will be NO FEE by either lawyer (depending upon your contract with the other lawyer).
    Call us today.
  9. I'm Getting Bills in the Mail for Medical Treatments But Somebody Else Injured Me? What can I do to Stop Collections?
    See us and we will discuss it. There might be hidden insurance coverage you haven't thought of or other methods.
    We Get You Back on Your Feet.
Client Reviews
"I sought consultation from Shaw Law concerning my accident, which I know now is the best decision I could have made." Charles J.
"Mr. Shaw was a complete professional in the handling of our case. He kept us informed on every aspect of the case from start to finish." Chappie H.
"Thank you so much for all your expertise concerning my fall. I really do not know how I could have settled matters without you. I really appreciate the check." Dominique P.
"Mr. Shaw was incredibly helpful and more than willing to explain how he was thinking each step of the way. His diligence in returning my communications and exploring my legal options was greatly appreciated." Michael R.
"I was very satisfied with the outcome. Your law firm is number one in Indiana. You have a very kind, professional attitude that's full of compassion." April H.