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Motorcycle Riders and Bikers Embody American Values

Ah, the allure of the open road. Since the creation of the very first American motorcycle in the late 1800s, Americans have had a taste for the thrill, with that wind in your hair, rocketing down the road. The American motorcycle is iconic, synonymous with one of our most sacred American symbols—the American Eagle, representing the free spirit that allows us to go on an adventure!

Patriotic, freedom-loving Americans from California to Maine, from New York City to Miami, and all across our great country in our cities and small towns, love the freedom that the American motorcycle represents. It’s a love affair that has been going on for a long time. Today’s motorcycles are more powerful than ever and reach speeds that early inventors back in the 1800s probably never imagined possible. But with power and speed comes more opportunity for danger, especially when motorcycle riders are at a clear disadvantage when facing off against a four-thousand-pound metal monster—the motor car. Cars and trucks come in all shapes and sizes, and are made from many different kinds of materials, but regardless of what they’re made of, the average 4-wheeled motor vehicle that most of us drive daily, is a three to four thousand pounder, and will easily make waste of any motorcycle it collides with at speed.

A motorcycle accident can be deadly, and many times it is, sadly. But those who are lucky enough to survive, often find themselves suffering injuries that could be lifelong. Many of us know one or more people who were killed or permanently injured in motorcycle accidents. In short, motorcycles, while incredibly fun and efficient, economical and friendlier than cars to the environment, can be dangerous to the rider due to the fact that the body is so exposed. In a perfect world, the only danger to a motorcycle rider is their own human error, but let’s face it, the world isn’t perfect and people make mistakes—often. And if a four-thousand-pound car slams into you after they run a red light, and you’re on a motorcycle—you’re going to be injured, and possibly severely, or worse.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident you need a motorcycle accident attorney in Indiana who understands the nuances of the laws that pertain to the roads and vehicles. You need a seasoned attorney who can get the job done, and get you the compensation you deserve when a negligent party injures you. Shaw Law Offices, led by Attorney Jeff “JJ” Shaw, know exactly how to deal with the insurance companies representing negligent drivers. We get the job done.

Motorcycle accidents are serious business. As mentioned above, due to the unprotected nature of motorcycles, bikers can be severely injured when involved in even a small crash. It can happen in an instant, a car makes a left-hand turn, forcing the biker into a head-on crash with the side of the car and launching the rider into the air. Close calls are standard for bikers unfortunately, and not typically their fault. Even pads and a helmet do little to protect a motorcycle rider in a freak accident.

Rider experience is also a key factor; however, most accidents take place within 5 months of someone owning a newer bike, irrespective of how long a biker has been riding. The harm arising out of these collisions isn’t the same as that suffered in an enclosed passenger car with seat belts and airbags. Injuries can vary from ruptured discs, road rash, a serious brain injury, or even result in loss of life.

The Defense Will Almost Always Argue That the Motorcyclist Caused the Accident

In most motorcycle accident cases the defense will argue that the motorcyclist was either speeding or failed to yield the right of way. The simple fact is that motorcycles are more difficult to see than most other vehicles on the road; however, this does not mean that the motorcycle was speeding.

A single headlight at night and the small tail lights often make it difficult for a driver to see a motorcyclist.

Inability to See the Motorcyclist or Adequately Look Causes Most Crashes with Motorcycles

Seeing a motorcycle can be difficult due to the size of the two-wheeled vehicle. But, this does not absolve Indiana motorists from carefully searching all mirrors available to see the motorcyclist before proceeding.

The simple truth remains that severe injuries can occur to a motorcyclist due to the lack of a protective metal shell, such as a car has.

It’s a wonderful experience riding a motorcycle — but it can be a dangerous one, too.

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence, give us a call. You can have an attorney investigating the details of your accident within minutes, from the comfort of your own home.

We tell all of our clients that they should take care of their health and mend from their injuries, and we’ll take care of their case!

Here at Shaw Law, we believe that every accident is preventable. Every accident is due to someone’s fault, and it’s our job to make sure that the party that injured you pays for it, and provides you the compensation you deserve.

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