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How Should I Work with the Insurance Company After a Premises Liability Accident?

Have you recently been hurt in a premises liability accident in Indiana? If so, you need to gather all of the clear evidence indicating that you have been hurt on another person's property because their actions or failure to act.

One common challenge that many people face in dealing with a premises liability claim is that the insurance company notoriously delays, denies or otherwise makes it difficult to pursue the compensation to which you may be entitled simply by suffering as a victim.

Avoiding Mistakes with Your Slip and Fall Claim

Many people make mistakes in the management of their premises liability claim because they sign all of the paperwork they have received from the insurance company, assuming that it is in their best interests to do so.

This can actually minimize your chances of full and fair recovery or expose you to other challenges down the line. Imagine, for example, that you sign a settlement release letter that absolves the relevant party of any liability after they have paid a small settlement amount.

If this settlement amount does not fully cover the damages you have sustained, you have no opportunity to pursue a legal claim in the future. It is also challenging if the insurance company wants you to sign paperwork to release your medical records.

This may be seen as an invasion of privacy on your behalf, because you may give them open access to any and all medical records they find relevant. They might argue, for example, that the injuries directly tied to your premises liability accident are instead caused by a previous injury you suffered many years before.

Although this might not be the case, it will be very difficult to prove this in a court of law and therefore, you should consider working with an attorney who is highly knowledgeable about these issues, and one who can help you to avoid the problems encountered by most people when they attempt to file their very first premises liability claim. Working with the insurance company does not mean that you have to ignore all of their phone calls or refuse any requests for documentation. Instead, how you choose to work with insurance company will have a lot to do with the attorney you select.

Finding a Premises Liability Lawyer You can Trust

At Shaw Law, we have extensive experience negotiating on your behalf directly with these insurance companies and can help you to understand what you do need to provide to the insurance company versus what you don’t. This can make a world of difference when you are attempting to protect your best interests and avoid making mistakes that might not be as obvious to you. Because of the challenges associated with pursuing premises liability claims in Indiana, it is imperative that you consult directly with an attorney before you say anything to the insurance company or, more importantly, sign any documentation that they present to you.

Making these mistakes early on in your case could significantly decrease your chances of full and fair recovery, and this why the insight from a lawyer who knows this landscape and knows the common tactics engaged in by the insurance company, can make a dramatic difference in your ultimate recovery of compensation.

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