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While most people think of sprains, spinal injuries or bruises as common consequences of slip and fall accidents in Indiana, one other common outcome includes broken bones and fracture injuries.

Unfortunately, fractures occur most often in the elderly when a fall occurs.  And sometimes, those fractures can lead to permanent injuries that require surgeries or lead to disfigurement and impairment.  Often, hardware such as plates and screws are used by orthopedic doctors to secure bones in place to promote healing.  These types of surgeries can lead to an eventual condition called "arthritis" (especially if the break occurs in a joint area such as a wrist or ankle).  Arthritis is a degenerative condition that is very painful and incurable.

At Shaw Law Offices, Attorney Jeff JJ Shaw has worked with many clients who have suffered serious fracture related injuries when falling on someone's property as a result of that person/business' negligence. With over 30+ years of experience, Attorney Jeff JJ Shaw has seen the worst fractures and breaks of bones cases that can occur in a slip and fall on business property.

Remember, it is not your fault if a dangerous condition existed on a property and the landowner or employees should have known about or knew about the dangerous condition and failed to correct it, which led to a fracture of breaking of your bones.

Slip and fall accidents commonly occur in restaurants, malls and other business establishment and these can result in fractured or broken bones, especially among children and the elderly who are prone to these injuries. In the vast majority of slip and fall cases, in which the injured victim can show that he or she sustained harm because of an unsafe condition, the property owner may be found by a judge or jury to have breached its duty to the injured person who sustained a fracture.

There are three primary ways to determine whether or not a property owner is liable for slip and fall accidents that led to fractures if the dangerous condition that caused the accident should have been known by a premise owner or one of the workers as any reasonable individual would have discovered this, if the premise owner or one of the employees must have known about the dangerous condition but failed to fix it, or if the premise owner created the dangerous condition and failed to correct it or warn people about it.

All of these might prompt a premises liability lawsuit. Proper and timely filing must occur if the injured patient intends to recover in full.

Fracture injuries can affect the arms, the hands, the feet, and the legs. A fracture often gets minimized as a consequence of personal injury or premises liability accidents. However, this can lead to medical visits, health care expenses and a painful recovery period for the victim. This is why so many victims of slip and fall accidents, who suffer a fracture might not realize that it is in their best interests to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney like Jeff Shaw.

At Shaw Law Offices, it is our commitment to get you back on your feet as soon as possible, whether you've sustained a brain injury, a neck problem, back and shoulder pain, or a fracture. Gather your evidence, including your medical bills and your medical records, and schedule a consultation with Attorney Shaw today to learn more about your rights.

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