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Premises Liability FAQs

Once you have lodged a premises liability lawsuit with the help of an attorney like Jeff Shaw, you will need to prepare all of your evidence and paperwork for sharing with the court. This is due to a process known as discovery. In discovery, both sides must share the information that they plan to present in court with the other side and this gathering of documents and evidence might play a critical role in showing the other side that it is in their best interests to settle.
How a Lawyer Helps During Discovery
If you retain a lawyer who has worked in the field of premises liability for many years, you can greatly increase your chances of making a powerful presentation in discovery. Discovery can also show you the intended strategy the other side plans to use in fighting back against your premises liability claim and this information can be used to craft your own strategy in response. If the evidence is clear enough and if the other side feels concerned about the possibility of a big award handed down by a judge or jury in your premises liability lawsuit, they might be more likely to approach you with settlement offers. Discovery is a crucial time in your premises liability suit since it can identify whether or not you have the opportunity to resolve things outside of court and it is an ideal time to get a perception of the other side's interpretation of the value of your case.
Should You Really Take That Early Settlement Offer?
In many cases, a settlement offer that is provided by the other side early on in a premises liability lawsuit will not fully cover the depth of your injuries or the severity of your medical conditions. Because of this, it is important to be prepared with an attorney who will not let you be harmed by walking away with a settlement offer that does not fully consider what is in your best interests. The right attorney is a powerful advocate for you and one who will help you navigate the justice system effectively when you need to file a legal claim against another person who you believe to be responsible for your injuries. Discovery is your attorney’s opportunity to make a clear presentation about the strengths of your case, and therefore, you will want to work only with an attorney who has extensive experience in this field and one who is prepared to organize the documents in the appropriate fashion and negotiate with the other side. If your attorney is successful in making a powerful discovery presentation, this could lead to a settlement outside of court, saving you a significant time. However, a settlement offer presented by the other side is not always in your best interests and therefore, you need to clarify with your attorney what you perceive to be fair compensation for your injuries. At Shaw Law, we’ve worked with many victims who were in the wrong place at the wrong time- allow us to help you get back on your feet and back on track with your life.
Did You Know That Code Violations Might Help win Your Premises Liability Accident?
Building codes come in all shapes and sizes. Many are required to be followed like city and state building codes. Others are suggested "guidelines" like those promulgated by safety organizations like ASTM or ANSI. But all of them can be used in a situation like yours to help establish non-compliance was fault or "negligence" on the part of the landowenr or business in causing or contributing to the cause of your slip and fall or trip and fall case in Indiana. Code violations are one way to illustrate fault of a property owner or manager that led to your accident and resulting injuries. While you've probably heard the phrase, 'it was not up to code' before, you might not understand who defines that code, what the code is and who is responsible for maintaining appropriate coding of a building. A slip and fall case might rely on code violations, so a person who’s been hurt in an accident should get help immediately to figure out whether this was a primary cause.
What You Need to Know About Code Violations
State and federal governments, in addition to municipalities, mandate that buildings have to be maintained as well as constructed at a certain level of safety. These include hospitals, department stores, office buildings, grocery stores, hotels and many other types of businesses, and these buildings must be free from hazardous conditions. Those who were hurt on a property that has hazardous conditions can pursue a premises liability lawsuit. You might be able to identify potentially dangerous code violations that could be factored into the recovery of compensation. These include inappropriate lighting by curbs and stairs, uneven curbs that don't have the right warning, crumbling steps or rotten wooden stairs, stairs with missing or broken handrails, improper maintenance of elevators and escalators, down spots that create ice patches because of pooled water, and lack of slip resistant mats on slick surfaces. Renting an apartment or a home means that a management company or a landlord has to manage the property's upkeep. Your lease agreement should clarify who is responsible for ensuring that the apartment is safe. The following code violations, however, may detail how dangerous slip and fall accidents at rental properties may be linked to legal claims. These include uneven curbs, warped or broken stairs, lack of lighting in stairwells, unmarked construction areas, slick surfaces without warning signs, untreated ice and snow, and more. You will likely need a free consultation with an experienced premises liability lawyer if you've already been hurt in an accident. This is because this is the best way for you to uncover some of the most common issues that occur in premises liability accidents and whether or not the injuries you have sustained qualify you to fight for compensation. Be aware that as soon as you initiate a slip and fall case, you may be contacted by the other party's insurance company as they suggest a settlement offer. It might be a mistake to accept a settlement offer outright without first consulting with an attorney. A settlement offer might not fully compensate you for the injuries you have suffered from and without an attorney to advise you about the life long medical costs you might face, you may exclude yourself from getting the support that you truly need from a dedicated and caring lawyer. Don't wait to get help from an injury attorney if you've already been hurt on someone else's property. Building codes are a strong method to illustrate fault and negligence. Call or Text Shaw Law Offices at (877) 225-5742 today and get Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw working on your case within 10 minutes. From the comfort of your own home. We Get You Back on Your Feet.
Maybe. The key analysis is whether the injury was foreseeable by the business owner. The concept of “negligent security” has undergone some real changes in Indiana during the prior few years and it has not been in favor of the injured people. It’s important to remember to establish a claim for “negligence” on the part of any landowner (like a business, store or restaurant) for your injury, first you must show that the landowner owed you a duty. Next, you must show that duty was breached (not met) by the landowner which directly caused the injuries. Recently, the Indiana Supreme Court has focused upon the “duty” question first because Indiana has long recognized that a possessor (owner) of property “not an insurer of the visitor’s safety.” Consequently, to determine whether a duty exists towards the injured person, Courts start with an analysis of whether the general class of persons of which the injured person was a member suffered a harm that could be normally expected. Rogers v. Martin, 63 N.E.2d 316 (Ind. 2016). In other words, the Indiana Supreme Court has ruled that “foreseeability” is an essential component of the duty element of negligence and that analysis starts with looking at who the injured person was and how the injury happened in a general sense.
Types of Negligent Security Claims and Situations
So, how are injured persons hurt on the property of businesses by others in a general sense? There can be many circumstances in which a person is injured on a business property by the actions of others. The most common of these is probably the tavern or bar fight, which escalates inside or outside the establishment. That isn’t the only type of negligent security case – other cases include claims of injured persons who were attacked or assaulted by others while on business property like a parking lot while attempting to leave the establishment. Some people are injured at parties when a fight breaks out among guests and the injured person attempts to hold the party host liable for “negligent security.” Other instances include customers injured during the course of a robbery or other criminal activity on the property.
How Negligent Security Claims are Decided by Indiana Courts
Courts start with the idea that a business proprietor owes its customers, patrons and invited guests a duty “to take reasonable precautions to protect invitees from foreseeable criminal acts.” The Indiana Supreme Court has ruled recently that a tavern owner was not responsible for a shooting inside a neighborhood bar as a matter of law because bar owners do not “routinely contemplate that one bar patron might suddenly shoot another.” Goodwin v. Yeakle’s Sports Bar & Grill, Inc., 62 N.E.3d 384 (Ind. 2016). This idea is similar to a slip and fall analysis -- that a landowner or business proprietor must have an “opportunity” to remedy a hazardous condition. Similarly, party hosts have been held not responsible for fights that break out among guests, even if alcohol was served during the party, because such fights can occur “unpredictably.” These recent decisions by the Indiana Supreme Court to relieve landowners for responsibility for unforeseeable criminal acts upon their property might be an acknowledgement of today’s unstable society where handguns are ubiquitous, violence is commonplace and criminal acts seem to occur without warning in places previously thought safe (movie theaters, concerts, workplace). But, not every criminal act on a business property is unforeseeable. Consequently, a business proprietor or landowner can be held responsible for negligent security when they have knowledge of escalating threats and taunts among guests but failed to take reasonable steps to provide for patron safety. In Hamilton v. Steak ‘n Shake Operations, Inc. (March, 2018), a group of restaurant customers taunted another individual for nearly 30 minutes of time with the restaurant management telling the group to “take it outside” where one person was shot. The Indiana Court of Appeals found that a business owner can be held liable in that situation because it had knowledge of the events taking place on its premises such that a reasonable person would have been induced to take precautions to avoid it. Once again, “foreseeability” is the key analysis to any negligent security claim. The bottom line is this – negligent security cases are difficult and you need an experienced Indiana negligent security attorney who has handled these matters for 30+ years. If you've recently been hurt by another customer or visitor on a business property in Indiana, you might be eligible to pursue a claim against that property owner for your damages. Get straight answers at Shaw Law. Call or Text Shaw Law Offices at (877) 225-5742 and get Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw working on your case within 10 minutes. From the comfort of your own home. We Get You Back on Your Feet.
It is impossible to accurate predict, but only Shaw Law Offices gives you the estimated answer when your case will conclude with the "EasyCase" smartphone app -- available from Google Play Stores or iTunes App Store -- for all clients of Shaw Law Offices. See your estimated conclusion date on your cell phone at your convenience -- 24/7 -- when you decide to do so. We estimate BOTH the value of your personal injury claim AND when we believe it can conclude on your smartphone app. See these estimated answers on your personal cell phone at your convenience, 24/7, from the comfort of your home. And, better yet, any time there is a significant change in the estimate of the conclusion date of your claim or case, you will receive a push-button notification text to your smartphone. Now, you can plan your life better. When a person is injured by a slip and fall in Indiana, it is understandable that the question of how long it will take to get a settlement or conclude the case arises.
How does Shaw Law Offices predict when your claim or case will conclude?
Well, Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw has over 30+ years of experience in handling thousands of premises liability cases or slip and fall cases in Indiana, similar to yours. Although no case is identical and it is impossible to accurately predict the actions of the defense and insurance company, there are some rules and frequent practices that Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw has seen throughout the years in Indiana. This helps to calculate an estimated date of settlement. The timeline for a premises liability lawsuit will be different based on the facts of your individual case, your injury, the insurance company on the other side, the availability of medical records, the availability of your physicians to testify and many other innumerable factors. In all of these circumstances, the support of the right attorney like Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw is instrumental in discovering the appropriate timeline as well as navigating every option presented to you. Trying to manage a case like this on your own and accepting a settlement offer proffered by the other side early on could be a catastrophic mistake for your ability to recover the compensation you need. The timeline for a premises liability lawsuit begins as soon as you schedule a consultation with an attorney and goes all the way through the point at which you receive a jury award or recover compensation in a settlement you have accepted. A premises liability lawsuit can take a few months to several months or longer depending on the specifics and difficult factors associated with your lawsuit. When you sit down in your initial consultation with a premises liability attorney, make sure to ask for further instructions about what you can anticipate and common roadblocks that people encounter as they are going through the process of filing a premises liability claim.
What to do After an Accident
As soon as possible after you get hurt in the accident, you need to notify any relevant insurance company about the injuries you sustained. You will need to comply with their procedures for gathering information but it is a big mistake to provide them with more information than is truly necessary as you could expose yourself to having your own words used against you down the line. It is much more effective to have an attorney to assist you with this process and verify that you are only giving the most necessary information directly to the insurance company. When you have a lawyer on your side, it is much easier to feel more confident. At Shaw Law, we work hard on behalf of those hurt in a premises liability lawsuit to clarify expectations and to move the timeline for recovery of compensation as quickly as possible. We recognize that the most important goal in a premises liability lawsuit is you receiving the compensation you need to put this matter behind you and to move on with your life. As a result of this conviction, we will clarify your underlying goals, whether that is to resolve the issue as soon as possible or to continue fighting past the point of initial settlement offers that did not suit your individual needs. In all of these circumstances, the support of an attorney is unmatched. At Shaw Law Offices, it is our goal to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible, so discuss how the unique factors of your case might influence the timeline. Call or Text Shaw Law Offices at (877) 225-5742. Get Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw working on your Indiana slip and fall case within 10 minutes of your call/text from the comfort of your own home. We Get You Back on Your Feet.
The landowner or business owner could be responsible for causing or contributing to the wrongful death of a loved one under Indiana law. An Indiana premises liability accident can cause numerous different types of severe injuries. But what happens if a person is fatally harmed because of a premises liability accident? Can the family members proceed? The answer is "yes." Family members can bring the claim or lawsuit for the estate of the deceased individual. Damages that are recoverable depend upon the status of the deceased person upon his death and whether he had any dependents under Indiana law. Many deaths that happen on another's property are preventable if simple safety rules had been followed including appropriate warning signs or the removal of the hazard itself. A slip and fall or trip and fall incident where a person strikes his or her head, for example, could be enough to cause fatal injuries. The brain is a very fragile organ and brain bleeds, if not detected early, can cause death.
What’s Involved in Bringing a Legal Claim for Wrongful Death From a Slip and Fall in Indiana?
Firstly, it is important to understand that you have a limited period of time in which to file a death by premises liability lawsuit in Indiana. This "statute of limitation" is generally two years in Indiana, but can be as short as 180 days if the death was caused or contributed to by a governmental entity in Indiana. The sooner that you begin to gather evidence and present it directly to Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw, the easier it will be to set yourself up for success, for maximum recovery of compensation in settlement or in litigation. Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw had his first wrongful death trial over 25+ years ago. He will explain to you all of the different aspects of filing a claim and how to minimize the obstacles that you encounter over the course of filing. It is very difficult for family members to put the unfortunate loss of their loved one behind them after a premises liability accident. Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw is a warm, caring individual who can help assist you during this awful time. A premises liability lawsuit can allege that the owner or manager of the property had a responsibility to remove a hazard or to place inappropriate warning sign near the hazard to decrease the chances of critical injuries. When this did not happen, the burden of proof falls to the surviving family members to gather relevant evidence that shows that a dangerous condition existed, that the property owner was aware of it or had reason to know about it, and that the failure to warn about or to remove this particular obstacle led to the death of a loved one. Gathering evidence and using expert witnesses and other individuals in preparing a compelling claim is essential for maximum recovery. This requires an experienced liability lawyer like Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw and Shaw Law Offices. Many different types of compensation are available to family members who are successful in a death by premises liability lawsuit. But this information must be collected and organized sooner rather than later. A death caused by premises liability lawsuit is a very emotional and challenging process for surviving loved ones but the support offered by an attorney like Jeff Shaw can ease the pain and problems typically associated with managing a lawsuit like this. Schedule a consultation today if you have already lost a loved one.
There are many different phases to a premises liability case in Indiana or filed elsewhere. These include the actual filing of the case, discovery, depositions, the trial itself, and any settlement negotiations. Your lawyer should walk you through each possible aspect of the case even in the event that you might be able to resolve things early and outside of court through settlement negotiations.
Understanding the Role of Deposition in Premises Claims
One common aspect of Indiana premises liability cases is known as deposition. This is when critical stakeholders involved in the case are asked to provide their own version of events and to answer questions provided by the other side's legal representation. This can be a nerve-wracking concept for a person who has already suffered in an accident and who believes that the fact of the case is obvious in and of themselves. However, it is important to be thoroughly prepared for the deposition process and to present as compelling a case as possible during these early stages of the case. The information that you provide in a deposition as well as the information gleaned during the discovery process can be used by your premises liability lawyer to explain to you what to anticipate and your best options for resolution going forward.
What Role Does a Lawyer Play in Your Legal Claim?
A premises liability attorney, like Jeff Shaw will use these details to assist you with all aspects of your claim, so that your questions are answered in a prompt manner. A deposition can be extremely difficult for someone who wants to choose their words carefully and someone who does not want to feel as though they have been forced into providing a particular answer regarding the accident. Your attorney should schedule a practice deposition with you so that you feel confident about how the process will work and prepare it for possible questions. In all cases, it is not about learning a particular answer to a question but rather feeling confident in the circumstance to provide the truth to the other side. Depending on the success of the deposition, you might be able to move to the settlement negotiation table sooner rather than later. Being hurt in a premises liability accident is overwhelming for the victim or for any family members who have had to come together to file a lawsuit on behalf of a person who is killed in a premises liability accident. Empowering yourself with the experienced representation like that provided by Jeff Shaw is one of the most important things you can do to protect your future and to enable you to get maximum compensation whether in settlement or in litigation. Putting your case in the hands of a lawyer who cares about you and your family can make a world of difference. At Shaw Law, it is our goal to get you back on your feet as soon as is reasonably possible, so we let you focus on your care while we handle your legal case aspects.
After being hurt on another person's property, especially if this person is a friend or a neighbor, you probably have questions about how to proceed and what is in your best interests or what could be a mistake with regards to managing your premises liability claim. If the home owner comes forward to offer you a cash settlement in order to forget this issue and to never file a legal claim about it again, this might seem tempting because you probably want to put this matter behind you and move on with your life.
Why a Lawyer can Help
At Shaw Law, however, we regularly counsel clients who have found themselves in a difficult position of trying to move on with their lives after a slip and fall or trip and fall accident, only to realize that an initial settlement offer, whether it comes from the home owner's insurance company or from the home owner directly, does not fully compensate based on the severity of the injuries. Although it seems like the easy route and one that could even help to maintain a neighborly relationship or a friendship, it could put yourself at a significant disadvantage if the settlement money runs out and you then have to pay for all of your medical bills and associated expenses on your own. No victim in a premises liability accident should have to cope with all of the negative impacts of recovering with such an incident and yet this often happens for people who don’t get counsel from an Indiana premises liability lawyer. At Shaw Law, it is our goal to investigate all of the various facts of the case and to advise you about when a settlement offer might indeed be fair and when you should push back for additional compensation. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a cash settlement offer which comes in a lump sum is going to fully pay for all of the associated expenses. As an injured victim you might not even realize what the different types of damages to which you are entitled. During your initial consultation with Indiana premises liability lawyer, Jeff Shaw, you'll get a better perspective on how the facts of your case could translate to damages for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses in the past and in the future, and more. If you forego this important step and accept a settlement from a home owner, you will most likely sign a settlement agreement that bars you from ever bringing any legal action against that home owner. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, it is important to at least receive counsel before signing any paperwork offered to you by the home owner's insurance company or the home owner directly. This could expose you to many different challenges in your legal case and can cause many problems for someone who has been seriously injured. To better understand the timeline of a premises liability case and whether or not a settlement offer is indeed fair, work with your lawyer directly.
Debris on any property can be extremely dangerous, but what happens if a person slips and falls or trips and falls because of hidden debris? Hidden debris can change locations such as falling over or landing up in a walkway and thereby, obstructing an area in which a person is expected to pass. If this occurs and you are the one who suffers, it is imperative that you consult with an Indiana premises liability attorney, such as Jeff Shaw. Jeff Shaw works hard on behalf of all accident victims who suffer in slip and fall accidents in Indiana to recover compensation on their behalf and to assist them with settlement negotiations.
The Burden of Proof for the Victim
If you can show that hidden debris caused your injuries, you might be able to recover full and fair compensation for the extent of your injuries. If you do not have the support of an experienced premises liability attorney, however, it can be much more difficult to recover the funds that you need to move on with your life after this incident. It is very hard for people who suffer in slip and fall accidents and sustain injuries like broken bones or traumatic brain injuries. This is because the medical bills associated with recovery from this can be catastrophic and because a victim can easily find themselves stressed out dealing with all of the consequences of another person's responsibility. Hidden debris may be one way in which you are able to hold a premises owner liable for the injuries you sustained in an accident. It is your responsibility to show that they knew about a dangerous condition or should have known about it, and in failing to correct it, exposed you and others to serious risks and accidents. It’s always hard for a person hurt in an incident to know what their next steps and to get support if an experienced attorney is not hired. Thankfully, when you have a lawyer on your side, you'll have a better idea of what is involved in every aspect of your premises liability claim. Hidden debris can include construction materials, broken tiles, and other pieces of equipment or items that fall from above, emerge from a hole in the floor or obstruct the walkway in a number of other ways. When this happens and you suffer an injury, and can show that the hidden debris should have been removed from the area and instead was left there for you to suffer the consequences, you can use this information as evidence in your premises liability claim. It’s not easy for most people who have suffered in an accident like this to know their next steps and to begin to put together a compelling injury claim without the support of a lawyer. Thankfully, when you contact Jeff Shaw who has extensive experience in this field, you will be in good hands and will have a clear expectation of how your injury claim can be resolved effectively.
No. Of course not. Not without consulting first with Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw and Shaw Law Offices. Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw gives FREE consultations after you've been injured in a slip and fall or trip and fall incident. Call today or text (877) 225-5742 and ask before you give a statement to an insurance company adjuster or representative for a landowner from where you were injured. Many people believe so strongly in the strength or the claim or case that they believe they can "convince" the insurance company adjuster of the truthfulness of the claim and pay fair compensatory damages. This simply isn't true. The insurance company adjuster is paid to not believe you. The adjuster is paid to get a statement from you before you talk to an experienced attorney like Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw so the telephonic recorded statement can be used against you later in court or in a deposition. Do not give a statement until you have attorney jeff "JJ" shaw with you. One common challenge that many people face in dealing with a premises liability claim is that the insurance company notoriously delays, denies or otherwise makes it difficult to pursue the compensation to which you may be entitled simply by suffering as a victim.
Avoiding Mistakes With Your Slip and Fall Claim
Many people make mistakes in the management of their premises liability claim because they sign all of the paperwork they have received from the insurance company, assuming that it is in their best interests to do so. This can actually minimize your chances of full and fair recovery or expose you to other challenges down the line. Imagine, for example, that you sign a settlement release letter that absolves the relevant party of any liability after they have paid a small settlement amount. If this settlement amount does not fully cover the damages you have sustained, you have no opportunity to pursue a legal claim in the future. It is also challenging if the insurance company wants you to sign paperwork to release your medical records. This may be seen as an invasion of privacy on your behalf, because you may give them open access to any and all medical records they find relevant. They might argue, for example, that the injuries directly tied to your premises liability accident are instead caused by a previous injury you suffered many years before. Although this might not be the case, it will be very difficult to prove this in a court of law and therefore, you should consider working with an attorney who is highly knowledgeable about these issues, and one who can help you to avoid the problems encountered by most people when they attempt to file their very first premises liability claim. Working with the insurance company does not mean that you have to ignore all of their phone calls or refuse any requests for documentation. Instead, how you choose to work with insurance company will have a lot to do with the attorney you select.
Finding a Premises Liability Lawyer You can Trust
At Shaw Law Offices, we have over 30+ years of extensive experience negotiating on your behalf directly with these insurance companies and can help you to understand what you do need to provide to the insurance company versus what you don’t. This can make a world of difference when you are attempting to protect your best interests and avoid making mistakes that might not be as obvious to you. Because of the challenges associated with pursuing premises liability claims in Indiana, it is imperative that you consult directly with an attorney before you say anything to the insurance company or, more importantly, sign any documentation that they present to you. Making these mistakes early on in your case could significantly decrease your chances of full and fair recovery, and this why the insight from a lawyer who knows this landscape and knows the common tactics engaged in by the insurance company, can make a dramatic difference in your ultimate recovery of compensation. Call or Text Shaw Law Offices today at (877) 225-5742. Get Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw working on your Indiana slip and fall case within 10 minutes from the comfort of your own home. We Get You Back on Your Feet.
Were you recently hurt in an accident and are curious about pursuing your claim for compensation for your injuries and wondering how much your claim is worth? That can be nearly an impossible task for a person not familiar with Indiana premises liability and personal injury law. Luckily, Shaw Law Offices makes it much easier. Shaw Law Offices invented the "EasyCase" smartphone app -- the only Indiana law firm that provides clients with a continuous, 24/7 update of the estimated value of the claim/lawsuit AND when it could be concluded. It's available for all clients of Shaw Law Offices on the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. And, better yet, whenever there is a change in the estimated value of your case, you will receive a push-button text notification telling you the news. Now, you can plan your life better. You can leave the question about the value of your case to your cell phone. How does Shaw Law Offices Estimate the Value of Your Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Claim or Case? There are many different elements that are included in the calculation of the total value of your premises liability claim. When you have an attorney to assist you with your claim or case with 30+ years of experience in handling slip and fall cases, who has been invited to speak to other attorneys in Indiana on how to handle slip and fall cases properly, it becomes a lot easier to know how the case might end up. Of course, all cases are different and no results are guaranteed, but Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw has seen thousands of cases and claims that might be like yours. He is familiar with how to point out the good facts or your case and how to avoid many common pitfalls and problems. A common question presented to many Indiana premises liability attorney, including Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw at the leading legal firm Shaw Law, is “how much is my premises liability claim is worth?”
Reviewing the Facts to Determine Damages
Sitting down in your initial consultation with a premises liability attorney can help you to better understand the elements that are included in this evaluation. One of the first and important aspects of your premises liability claim is type of injuries you have sustained. If you have received a diagnosis from a doctor, it will be much easier to explain how your life has been significantly changed because of a critical accident. Your lawyer can tell you more about how much your premises liability claim is worth based on the injuries you have been diagnosed with. Another aspect of your premises liability claim has to do with how the accident occurred. If you can show that the property owner or manager had a responsibility and failed to remove a dangerous condition on the property, putting you at risk of critical injuries, this can enhance your chances of walking away with a significant award. Of course the type of injury you received and the amount of medical treatment also plays a significant role in determining the estimated value of your claim or case. Lost wages and lost future wages (impairment) is also a consideration in determining the value of your claim. Indiana law also allows recovery for both temporary and permanent injuries. Obviously, if your medical treaters believe you suffer from a permanent injury, your case value should be considered much greater than those of a temporary injury that healed. There are many, many factors that go into deciding the value of a claim or case after a slip and fall in Indiana. If you find yourself in this position, you need to have Shaw Law Offices at your side to guide you through every aspect of your legal claim and to advise you whether or not a settlement offer that has been presented can be expected to fully and fairly compensate you for your injuries. Furthermore, Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw will help to calculate all of the various ways that your life has been changed by the accident including medical expenses, lost time at work, and pain and suffering, to give you a general idea of the range of possible recovery in your premises liability claim. This information can be instrumental in helping you move forward. As an experienced premises liability lawyer with over 30+ years of handling cases like yours, Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw knows that it can be hard to determine what you need to do next. Just getting through a single day can be painful, but this makes it all the more critical that you work with an attorney who won’t give up on fighting for the recovery you deserve in your injury claim. Call or Text Shaw Law Offices at (877) 225-5742. Get Attorney Jeff "JJ" Shaw working on your case or claim for a slip and fall injury suffered in Indianapolis or Indiana within 10 minutes from the comfort of your own home. Shaw Law Offices. We Get You Back on Your Feet.
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