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Slip and Falls at Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are notorious for a large amount of injured customers.  Part of the reason for this problem is that dollar stores tend to watch every penny and try to cut corners on costs, inspections and staff.

This results in a lack of safety throughout the store — and it is the customer who pays — with his or her body.

If you’ve fallen and injured yourself at a dollar store. Now what do you do?

See “The 10 Steps You Need to Take to Win Your Case” above.

But, the most important of these steps is calling the right attorney.

Shaw Law and Attorney Jeff JJ Shaw has handled dozens of slip and falls against Dollar General Stores stores in Indiana.

Before you can recover anything for your injuries, you must still prove that the business was “at fault.” Figuring out whether the property owner is at fault for your slip and fall is done on a case-by-case basis by a court or jury. In most instances for customers on a business property, you must prove the landowner did not act reasonably by breaching its duty to you of being “careful” like a normal business or person would be after inviting you on its property to shop or browse.

For most dollar stores and discount stores there are 4 typical instances how and where customers slip and fall:

  • On the sidewalk or parking lot where snow and ice can accumulate
  • Around where liquids are handled by customers and dropped, like milk and water aisles
  • Near the entrances where outside wetness like rain and snow can be tracked inside by multiple customers
  • In aisles where stores fail to properly shelf inventory and leave boxes or pallets in the paths where customers walk
Slipping and Falling in the Parking lot

Dollar and discount stores often have parking lots that require snow and ice maintenance.

These stores all have entrances that can lead to slippery substances on the floors or wet mats, which are a common cause of slip and fall injuries.

Other stores try to save money by stocking inventory items in a less-than-safe manner.

Look below to search specific details about each of these common discount stores — Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Family Dollar.

In my nearly 30+ years of experience, I have found that Dollar Stores tend to be especially negligent in handling snow and ice problems on their sidewalks and parking lots. It could be due to the extreme frugality in providing enough employees on any given day to watch out for customer safety.

What makes these injuries seem even crueler is that these types of stores have plenty of resources and supplies on-hand to prevent such negligent conduct like shovels and salt nearby.

Common Locations
  • Dollar General
  • Dollar Tree
  • Family Dollar

If you’ve been injured in one of these stores, simply click on the telephone number above.

We have handled dozens of these types of cases.

Jeffrey Shaw, Esq.

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