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Compression Fractures

A slip and fall or a trip and fall can have major impact upon the human body as a person braces to catch the fall.

For some people, this can include a type of fracture known as a "compression fracture" of the vertebra. Some people suffer compression fractures as a result of falling and landing hard on their buttocks.

A spinal compression fracture can be diagnosed as "acute" in nature and traumatically caused by a fall according to the medical records. A spinal compression fracture at an advanced age causes a host of problems. Fractures of the spine (vertebrae) can cause severe back pain and loss of movement as bone fragments rub against one another.

A broken bone slip and fall injury lawyer in Indiana will help you to evaluate all of the many ways that your life has been altered because of a dangerous condition on someone else's property.

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Although you might assume that the accident was initially caused by your own clumsiness, there is a strong chance that your broken bone slip and fall injury case in Indiana was indeed caused by a dangerous condition on the property, about which you were never warned or about which the property owner or manager had an opportunity to remove and failed to do so.

When severe injuries, including broken hips, broken bones, fractures, traumatic brain injuries and more, are connected to the experiences of a person hurt in an incident, the scene of the accident should be evaluated as soon as possible with the help of an experienced injury lawyer.

An injury lawyer will be able to determine all of the facts relevant to liability and whether or not the injured victim might be eligible to pursue compensation under the law. It can be very difficult for a patient who needs to remain focused on their medical care, to recognize that a broken bone slip and fall is a serious condition.

Broken bones are one of the leading side effects associated with slip and fall injury accidents. This is primarily because a person might have little or no opportunity to brace themselves when falling down, and depending on the conditions surrounding them at the time of the accident, they might strike other objects, stairs, handrails, or materials that could lead to a broken bone. The discovery of a broken bone might occur immediately at the scene of the incident or in medical care obtained by the patient following his or her slip and fall.

If it can be shown that the property owner had reason to know about the condition and failed to correct it or warn about it or would have discovered it during regular maintenance and cleaning, but did not do so and therefore failed to rectify the situation, any injuries associated with the slip and fall accident including those that lead to a broken bone, need to be handled by an experienced Indiana personal injury attorney.

An Indiana personal injury attorney can help the harmed victim to figure out the best way to proceed and how to recover compensation in line with the severity of the injuries.

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