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Jeffrey Shaw Testimonials:

“I hired Attorney Shaw to handle a difficult slip-n-fall case against a typical corporation who denied any fault. He was tough with them and got me the settlement that helped get me back on my feet (literally and figuratively). He returned his calls and was easy to contact. He explained the procedures. I appreciated his honesty. I recommend him to anyone who is injured.”


“Jeff Shaw was helpful and insightful. My wrist was broken after a fall and I did not believe I was at fault. Mr. Shaw guided me through filing a suit in Small Claims Court. I’m not sure I would have been successful without his help because I had only once prior stepped in to a courthouse. It was imperative that my damages be paid, my hospital bills would have been unbearable otherwise.”


“I was in a car accident and had suffered some knee and neck injuries because of the crash. I had lots of troubles trying to settle with the Insurance Company directly, so I decided to get in contact with a law firm. At first I had a bad experience with a PREVIOUS attorney that I had hired at a different place. So I had done lots of research, before hiring Jeff with Shaw Law Office and I cannot describe how satisfied I am about the way him and the Paralegal handled my case. First, the way they handle the clients is top class; they always return phone calls and email messages, even on Saturdays! Jeff is a very professional lawyer who is very honest and knowledgeable. [The paralegal] is also very experienced and reliable. I am very happy with the check he was able to get me from the company, he always returned calls in a timely manner, and kept a close eye on my case at all times! THANK YOU SHAW LAW OFFICE!”


“Jeff had a understated but surprisingly stong and effective courtroom presence which was a benefit his client.”

A Satisfied Client

“Attorney Shaw provided excellent feedback online and followed through with a phone call on a saturday evening. He even offered to look at the case and send a letter for is at no charge. Thank you…. Top notch fella.”

Randy A.

“Jeffrey Shaw in his own time, has been communicating with me about the terrible incompetence and malpractice I have been subjected to, by other takes a special kind of human being to help you, especially when it is one of your own..what I mean is, they all went to law school to become attorneys in their field..they are not affiliated with Jeffrey Shaw, just the fact they are attorney helping you with a problem, caused by an attorney, is rare..what is right, is right..what is wrong, is matter who you are or what field you work in..Jeffrey Shaw had the guts to talk to me about these other attorneys..a few times already here on AVVO..more than the attorney I hired for $125. an hour..then other attorney did respond to my question and told me to take them to court see why I say Jeffrey Shaw has the guts of a ‘ Good Human Being Attorney’..very rare…”

Bonnie M.

“I’ve learned quitea bit from you already and I’ve got a relatively simple question and I was hesitant to bug ya again but put your advice so far has been spot on. If you don’t mind ill probably just go ahead and submit another question. I did make a sincere effort to correct a hastily written review of another lawyer from ago but I’m sure & rightfully so, hasn’t forgiven me. I’m just worn out and I’m normally to timid to ask for a refill at Denny’s, let alone complain but ill remedy it eventually. Thank you”

A Satisfied Client

“Jeffery John Shaw was very helpful with my problem. He gave me specifics as to how I should proceed. I hope to do business with him, in the future if further assistance is needed. Thanks Jeffery Jon Shaw!”


“Jeff represented me in a slip and fall case where i injured my shoulder.He was a personable man who treated me and my wife like family.He never talked down to you and truly cared about my case.In court he was intelligent,compassionate and above all a relentless fighter for me.It truly was a pleasure to watch him work.Jeff is genuinely a nice man ,I highly recommend Mr Shaw!”


“At the time of my accident, I was already suffering financially, working two full-time jobs to pay off a tremendous debt. My hand was broken in two places. I sought consultation from Shaw Law concerning my accident, which I know now is the best decision I could have made. Shaw viewed my injury and those at fault in the same exact way that I did, except with a clear solution. For consultation or hired legal service, I recommend Shaw Law Offices.”

Charles J.

“We were clients of Shaw Law Offices with Mr. JJ Shaw as our lawyer. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a thoroughly outstanding job that he did for us in our personal injury case. Mr. Shaw was a complete professional in the handling of our case. He kept us informed on every aspect of the case from start to finish. To us, he is the meaning behind “For the People.” We greatly appreciate and thank Mr. Shaw for his sharp eye and for having the best interest in our case. I’m glad he was able to get us what we asked for.”

Chappie H.

“Thank you so much for all your expertise concerning my fall. I really do not know how I could have settled matters without you. I really appreciate the check. You have been wonderful and so very helpful and thoughtful. Again, my sincerest thanks.”

Dominique P.

“Mr. Shaw was incredibly helpful and more than willing to explain how he was thinking each step of the way. His diligence in returning my communications and exploring my legal options was greatly appreciated.

I know there is a sort of joke he tells about “having a fan club.” But, now I can see why. He cares. He returns calls. He texts back. He tells me the good news AND the bad news about my case. I feel like he has the answer to all my questions.

I am a full-fledged member of “The Shaw Law Fan Club” for life.”

Michael R.

“I was very satisfied with the outcome. Your law firm is number one in Indiana. You have a very kind, professional attitude that’s full of compassion. You were always prompt when answering all my questions and concerns. You receive an A+ in my book. Thanks again for all your help.”

April H.

“There was nobody else who would help me. I thought my case was unwinnable. My husband had suffered a terrible injury as the result of the criminal action by another person at a gas station in Indianapolis. Mr. Shaw told me from the beginning that he would be willing to help me and my husband get justice. Through every step of the way, he explained what was happening and why. When we won our settlement, I was so grateful and thankful that I told him he now felt like a member of our family more than our attorney. He said that was the nicest compliment he had every gotten. I couldn’t recommend him more if I tried. This man is special.”

Stephanie B.

“There are a lot of personal injury attorneys out there. We picked Shaw Law Offices and Attorney Jeff “JJ” Shaw because we read all of the 5-star reviews online. We couldn’t believe people loved an attorney like that. Not only were we part of the fan club afterwards, we felt as though we were friends for life. Anytime you are injured, I’d recommend talking to this man first. It would be a mistake not to do so.”

Cecelia P.

“Jeff Shaw is a top notch lawyer. His rate is very fair and I recommend his legal services above all others in the area!”

Charles S.

“Very Good attny , you can’t go wrong putting you trust in Jeff Shaw, thanks again.”

Don T.

“THANK YOU FOR GREAT REPRESENTATION YOU ARE PROVIDING TO OUR FAMILY. We really feel that we have an attorney who truly cares and shows it.”

Murphy L.

David R. Phillips Testimonials:

“Dave Phillips is a very professional lawyer, I couldn’t be happier with the end result of my case. If your looking for a lawyer that won’t rip you off and waste your time Dave Phillips is the legal representation that you need. Dave Phillips will explain everything very clear that and you can rest assure when you hire Mr. Phillips you won’t regret it.”


“I know it’s easy to demand immediate results in today’s world but that’s not realistic in the divorce legal arena. David helped me understand that my case moved at the Judge’s pace — not necessarily mine. He would listen to me for hours when I wasn’t in my best frame of mind unlike other attorneys I know.”

Charlie S.

“David Phillips did more for me than I knew I needed done. He is a professional. Divorce is a highly emotional experience. Divorce is a very complicated process. David took care of me in all aspects. I feel he went out of his way to ensure I had the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend him.”


“I had an issue with some arbor vitae trees being planted next to our property blocking our view of the lake. David was knowledgeable in this area of law, proved to the judge that it was the start of a “spite fence” and was able to get an order to lower the trees and gain our view back. He prepared us for the trial and his fees were quire reasonable for what he accomplished. Very professional and we are very satisfied with the results.”


“I was in danger of losing my home; Mr. Phillips represented me in my plight and I was able to keep my house. I would not have been able to do so without his negotiations on my behalf.”

Grace M.

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