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Broken Wrists

One of the most common injuries in a slip and fall is a broken wrist.

A broken wrist or arm commonly happens as a person attempts to "break" his fall by outstretching the arms and hands.

Unfortunately, many broken wrist cases require surgical intervention in order to heal including the placement of metal plates and screws.  These surgeries can cost in excess of $35-40,000.  Adding insult to injury, the many bones found in the wrist can result in difficulty achieving a full healing or "union" of the bone.  Permanent disfigurement and dysfunction can be a common result of a broken wrist as a result of a slip and fal or trip and fall on business property that was negligently maintained.

A broken wrist and arm slip and fall injury attorney in Indiana is an excellent resource for you if you've been critically hurt in an accident and are unsure of your next steps. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents across Indiana in retail establishments, restaurants, and other businesses are far too common and are often not the fault of the person who ends up sustaining an injury.

Many of the injuries that occur in a slip and fall accident can be long lasting and life changing and they can greatly limit what the victim can do on a daily basis. Everyday tasks like driving, tying a shoe or going to work can become a thing of the past, at least in the short term. Unfortunately, elbows, shoulders, arms and wrists are often severe injuries sustained in an Indiana slip and fall accident. At Shaw Law, it is our goal to ensure that you can attend all of your medical appointments and enhance your treatment opportunities while not having to worry about the legal aspects of your case.

One of the most commonly sustained injuries in an Indiana slip and fall accident are those to the wrist. Most people will instinctively throw down their hands to break the fall and this could put a tremendous amount of impact on the wrist which can become sprained or broken.

Elbow injuries might also be sustained in an Indiana slip and fall accident. These typically happen quickly and are very sudden, giving the victim little opportunity to brace for the landing. The result is that the victim can land on his or her elbow. A critical factor can occur depending on the severity of the fall. Finally, the last common type of arm injuries sustained in these accidents are those to the shoulder. The shoulder can take the brunt of the impact during a fall and can lead to a broken bone.

These injuries are not only painful but might require extensive medical treatment. You need to get immediate medical help, follow the treatment plan as outlined by your doctor, be cautious about speaking to insurance adjusters or signing any paperwork presented by them, and maintain evidence so that you can consult with an experienced Indiana slip and fall injury attorney.

At Shaw Law, we make it our goal to prepare you for the trial process so that you feel confident about the management of your legal claim and so that you can be most focused on healing and getting better. Don't wait to get help from an attorney after you have been seriously hurt in an accident. We rely on our reputation and experience in the field to assist you.

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