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Today I Start a Revolution in My Blog


Today,  I Start a Revolution in My Blog

I was told to write a blog “in my own voice.”  I was told to review other site’s blogs for “inspiration.”  All I saw there was one of two approaches:  (1) write scholastic, legal-type blogs on various issues of law that might be used to attract other lawyers to the site in an effort to show how “smart” and “worthy” the author was; and (2) blogs that are clearly mass-produced pieces of schlock — probably written by “blog services” rather than a real lawyer — filled with so-called items of legal interest or worse, items of local accidents and deaths designed to attract searchers on the internet to that site.

I’ve decided neither approach works for me.

Both approaches are false — designed merely to attract customers/clients only — either other attorneys who might refer cases to me or internet searchers who might stumble upon the local items of news.

I’m not intelligent or scholastic enough to write consistent articles that will display my acumen to other attorneys to get referrals.  

And I’m not going to have somebody pretend to be me while writing blogs designed to attract potential customers by posting canned news.

Instead, I am going to write about what I know:  what it’s like to be an older, experienced personal injury attorney running a law firm the only way I know how — my way.

I’m going to scream into the empty void of the universe about what’s it’s like — all the highs and lows.

And if somebody wants to read it, I’m honored and flattered.

And, if not, then my kids have a diary to look back upon to see what I was doing and thinking at the time.

Wish me luck.

— JJ on 12/15/2017

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