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Yes, but it depends upon the specific facts of what happened and when it happened.

In order to answer the question of whether you can sue a business, such as your employer for spreading the Coronavirus to you, we must first understand some basic concepts of Indiana law.

These concepts that must be explained include:

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Faulty stairs, freshly mopped or waxed floors with no visible warnings, ice, snow, cracked sidewalks, spills—there are an infinite number of causes for slip and fall accidents. If you’re moving, a slip and fall injury can happen. Sometimes injuries happen due to our own carelessness, or an error in judgment; we’ve all experienced that terrifying moment when you simply trip over your own feet, drag your feet and stumble, etc. and nearly fall flat on your face. It’s an awful experience, but it’s part of life and it happens.

Fortunately, our bodies and brains compensate and coordinate an emergency action, such as a quick step or hand grab, that helps us to avoid the painful fall just in the nick of time. But accidents are not always avoidable, and many times they are not our fault. When an accident happens, such as a slip and fall accident, and it is due to the negligence of another party, be they an individual or a company, etc., you need to hire a slip and fall lawyer right away. An experienced slip and fall lawyer will not only know the law but have the prowess to use it to your advantage in Indiana.

Every year in Indiana, innocent people are injured, and injuries can be incredibly expensive. From emergency room visits and emergency transportation; to follow-up doctor and hospital visits; to long term care; lost wages from missed work days, weeks, or even months; to insurance premium increases, and more—the costs can be overwhelming. And what would you do if your injury rendered you unable to return to work ever—if your injury made it impossible for you to continue performing your job? Would you be able to simply switch careers in an instant? Most people would not, and thus you could be looking at a massive decrease in monthly income in addition to every other cost.

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