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Are Homeowners to Blame in My Slip and Fall Accident?

Have you recently been hurt in a serious premises liability accident and are curious about how to proceed? Here at Shaw Law, we give you the personalized attention you need to evaluate the strength of you claim, to advise you about the process that is involved after you file a premises liability lawsuit, and to assist you with the questions and concerns that may arise over the course of a process.

Since there are so many factors that influence recovery in a slip and fall claim, it’s a mistake to try to work though this case on your own. Bring all the facts to the table in your initial attorney meeting to be sure.

What to do After a Slip on Another Person’s Property

A common question brought to us by clients who have recently sustained an injury on someone else's property, is whether or not homeowners can be to blame. Determining whether or not someone is responsible for the injuries you have sustained, depends on whether you were allowed to be on their property and the type of dangerous conditions.

If homeowners were aware of a dangerous condition and you were legally on the property, but they failed to correct this dangerous condition, leaving you at risk of severe injuries associated with a trip and fall or a slip and fall accident, you may have grounds to pursue a lawsuit directly against those homeowners or their homeowners' insurance company. In all of these situations, it’s essential to gather evidence immediately.

You might be presented with an offer directly from the homeowners to settle the case outside of court, but it is a big mistake to end these cases without the support of an experienced premises liability lawyer like Jeff Shaw. Jeff Shaw works hard on behalf of victims who have had to suffer the consequences of being hurt on another person's property, when the dangerous condition should have been removed or when a warning sign should have been placed to advise people about the dangerous risks.

You must be able to show all of these elements in a successful slip and fall injury claim to recover compensation such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills. Having your evidence clearly organized and sharing the facts of how the accident happened directly with your Indiana premises liability lawyer as soon as possible after the incident occurs, is the best way to protect yourself and empower you with the information you need going forward.

It is always difficult for victims to move on with their lives after a slip and fall accident, particularly if they injured their back, neck or head. In these situations, it’s crucial that you'd be able to remain focused on your medical treatment plan with your doctor and allow a knowledgeable attorney like Jeff Shaw to handle your case from end to end. You may be able to resolve your settlement claim outside of court or in a successful litigation claim. Evaluate your options today so that you feel confident about your next steps.

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